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In Sudden Strike 4 you can select from a wide array of troops, ranging from infantry to the heaviest of tanks. Also, you can use enemy's equipment that you win in the course of fight, such as vehicles and cannons that have been lefty in the battlefield. Proper use of the equipment is of paramount importance. During the mission, you will receive a number of troops and you will receive reinforcements only with your progression into the mission, and that usually in small numbers. This is why you should put available resources to the best use you can, use their advantages to the utmost and alleviate their shortcomings and weak points.


Infantry constitutes the core of your army. They will attack enemy positions, because their range of vision is the longest. Without them, your vehicles, tanks and cannons are blind. They can hide in vegetation, fields, thin and thick forestation and buildings. This way, you can set ambushes for the enemy patrols, moving enemy forces or sneak up to the enemy from behind. In buildings, they can use some of their skills, such as throwing grenades. If they enter a building with the "Fire at will" command on, they will remain hidden and fire only in situations, in which they are spotted, or after you specify the target.

Your soldiers can use various types of terrain to sneak up to the enemy unnoticed, set an ambush, or retreat. - Infantry | Unit types - Unit types - Sudden Strike 4 Game Guide
Your soldiers can use various types of terrain to sneak up to the enemy unnoticed, set an ambush, or retreat.

Under enemy fire, infantry will go into the prone position, thanks to which they will be more difficult to wound. Also, you can order them to crawl, which will make them more difficult to spot without limiting their range of vision. They can be detected if they approach too close to the enemy, regardless of whether it's infantry or vehicles. Some soldiers may be armed with additional weaponry, such as smoke grenades or mines. Using them can tip the scales to your side. Fragmentation grenades are better against infantry, although they can also damage trucks and lightweight armored vehicles. Smoke grenades form a fog of war over a small area, which you can use to retreat or obscure your troops.

If a soldier loses too many health points and their condition drops below 10, they will receive severely wounded status. If you call for a medic, or use special skill of some of the doctrines, they can return to fight. The last skill of infantry is manning cannons and taking control of vehicles. You can decide about the number of drivers or the size of cannon crew, at the cost of effectiveness. In many of the missions, you will run into abandoned enemy vehicles that you can man with any infantry units.

Infantry has been divided into several types. The basic type are Riflemen. Although they only have simple rifles, they are accurate and have a considerable range. The most useful skill of these soldiers is detecting enemy mines. You only have to approach to the mined-over area for mines to be revealed. If you go away from such a field, the mines will be concealed again. Additionally, you can have on you fragmentation and smoke grenades, as well as place your own mines. Sniper is the upgraded version of Rifleman. He has a long range and is able to eliminate an enemy soldier in one shot. Rifleman with a machine gun or a Sniper with a sniper rifle make up infantry that focuses on dealing damage to the enemy infantry. They can have grenades or a single-use rocket launcher. Mortars are a very useful support class. They deal damage over a decent range an they deal substantial damage to infantry. However, they cannot crawl. Rifleman with AT weaponry or AT launcher are units whose job is to attack armored units. They can attack trucks, cannons or infantry, but this is paramount to wasting their potential and ammo. It is best to keep them in the second line of attack, and command them into fight only when enemy tanks appear. Vehicle crew steering wheel icon) is a unit that is armed with a machinegun which is pretty much ineffective against enemy infantry. Their main purpose is to man trucks, tanks and armored vehicles. Officer is one of the most useful units in the battlefield. They have the longest range of vision. The most important type of infantry unit is Medic that can restore wounded soldiers. Always keep them away from the main theater and, if you have more than one, have stay in several places. When it comes to healing, do that only when it's safe.

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