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Free skins and characters in Strike of Kings

How can you get free skins for your heros in Strike of Kings? Check out our guide to learn more!

There are numerous hero characters available in Strike of Kings and even more skins for them to use. Although many require a sufficient amount of gold or vouchers to unlock, there are some, which may be acquired for free, just by completing certain activities. This chapter will feature a complete list of free heroes and skins, along with the information on how to get them.



Get them for:


Completing the game tutorial.


Finishing your first 5v5 match.


Loggin-in to the game for 3 days in row.


Loggin-in to the game for 7 days in row.


Buying your first 100 vouchers.


Finishing three 5v5 matches.


Finishing a ranked match.




Get it for:

Nethra skin for Valhein

Loggin-on to the game for 2 days in row.

Chief Knight skin for Thane

Given at the end of a ranking season.

Techno Templar skin for Valhein

You can win it at Lucky Draw. Technically it's not free, as you need 100 vouchers to take part in the lottery and lots of luck to get the skin itself.

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