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Shop and currencies in Strike of Kings Strike of Kings Guide

The shop in Strike of Kings is quite complicated. You can pay here with three different currencies - each of them gives you access to different items.


1. Gold is the basic currency. You can purchase heroes and Arcana. Among others, you can get it for:

  1. Each game played;
  2. Playing a number of games throughout a day;
  3. For a couple log-ins in a row;
  4. For logging in during the weekend.

Currently, the only heroes that can't be bought with gold are:

  1. Batman - 1799 vouchers
  2. Lumburr - 749 vouchers
  3. Maloch - sometimes available in the Lucky Draw roulette.

2. Gems - Red gems are special stones that allow purchasing items in a separate tab of the store. You will find there cards that improve gatherind XP and gold, three heroes and a Lucky Draw lottery. Red gems at the beginning can be obtained rather quickly, but then their growth falls significantly. You get red gems for:

  1. For a couple log-ins in a row;
  2. For logging in during the weekend;
  3. For different Achievements (achievement tab).

3. Vouchers - the only way of obtaining vouchers is buying them in the store for real money. For vouchers, you can buy:

  1. Heroes;
  2. Skins;
  3. Cards that boost growth of XP and gold;
  4. Cards for changing the name of the account/guild;
  5. Lucky Draw lottery ticket;
  6. An additional page for Arcana sets.

Shop menu

1 - Shop and currencies in Strike of Kings - Game Guide - Strike of Kings Game Guide

1. Recommended items;

2. Heroes - the heroes can be bought for gold and vouchers. The exception are three characters: Lumburr, Batman (only obtainable for vouchers) and Maloch (sometimes available via Lucky Draw).

3. Skins - Nearly every skin is available only for vouchers. Some of them can be obtained for free, by doing some simple things. More about that in the "Free heroes and skins" chapter.

4. Arcana - arcana are items that buff your hero for the whole game, and they can be only bought for the gold you make in the game. They're divided into three categories - according to type of the enhancement, and then into three levels, according to the power. The power determines the price. The arcana of level one cost 10 gold, level two - 200, and level 3 - 2000. If you're interested in playing the game more seriously, you should only invest in level 3 arcana.

5. Voucher Shop - different items are available here. All of them only obtainable with vouchers:

  1. Discounted sets of heroes - they're much more affordable in sets.
  2. Cards for changing the name of the account/guild.
  3. XP boost cards.
  4. Gold boost cards.
  5. Magic Crystal - a ticket for Lucky Draw.

6. Gem Shop - here are items obtinable only with red gems:

  1. Azzen'Ka Value Pack - chest with hero: Azzen'Ka
  2. Omega Value Pack - chest with hero: Omega
  3. Gildur Value Pack - pack with hero: Gildurem
  4. XP and Gold boost cards

Apart from that, there's also the "Daily" tab, where items with daily limit can be found.

  1. Magic Crystal - ticket for Lucky Draw.
  2. Lvl 2 Arcana Pack - a random level 2 arcana is inside.

7. Lucky Draw - it's a lottery, where you can win different items. In order to take part in it, you have to buy a magic crystal for 100 vouchers or 250 gems. You can win, among others:

  1. Gold
  2. Arcana level two and three
  3. Red gems
  4. Skins
  5. Heroes
  6. Techno Templar Skin for Valhein - the chances of getting it are remote at best, but there's no other way.

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