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Street Fighter IV Game Guide by

Street Fighter IV Game Guide

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Hidden characters - Akuma | Hidden characters Street Fighter IV Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Devil came back and he's very powerful - Hidden characters - Akuma - Hidden characters - Street Fighter IV - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Devil came back and he's very powerful. This is the most (next to Ken) chosen by a player from Europe. Its movements are similar to those we know from Street Fighter Third Strike. Make a lot of injuries, have a good priority, and his Super and Ultra combos can be very embarrassing. His weakness is poor stamina. This means that when He gets hit He will lose more energy than other characters. Moreover Akuma is one of the strongest character in the game.

Normal Moves

  • p+MP - Overhead Chop

Classics. Hits two times.

  • d+MK (in the air) - Dive Kick

You must jump forward and enter the sequence in the highest point.

Special Moves

  • qcf+P - Gou Hadouken

This is a fireball, identical as in case of Ken or Ryu.

  • qcf+P (in the air) - Zankuu Hadouken

In case of pushed P, projectile angle and speed will change. Most of the players use LP in the highest jump point on the enemy in the second screen corner. It's recommend to use any low attack after landing.

  • hcb+P - Shakunetsu Hadouken

This projectile is much faster than in Street Fighter Third Strike. Akuma is collecting the power (takes a while) and release fireball. HP version hits three times, MP two LP once.

  • p, d, dp +K - Hyakki Shuu

In case of pushed kick, Akuma will decrease or increase the range. After Hyakki Shuu you can do

  • Dive Kick - pressing K
  • Hammer Fist (armor breaking) - push P.
  • Throw - push LP+LK.
  • qcb+K - Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku (armor breaking)

Can be also used in the air. If it hits, it will roll the enemy and if you push MK or HK, Akuma will hit couple of times. Use LK when you want to start the juggle. You can continue combo with HP Shoryuken.

  • p, d, dp+P - Shoryuken

High priority attack. In case of pushed punch depends the power, range and number of hits. LP is the weakest but if it miss, we do not have to worry about counter. This attack is good against jumping enemies. HP has the biggest range and hits three times. Good to finish juggle or combos. With good timing you can use it against flying enemies. But watch out, if you miss prepare for big damage. MP hits two times and has average range.

  • p, d, dp + 3xP or 3xK - Ashura Senkuu

Move of joy can be invert to do teleport backward. P version will take you on the other screen corner, K version will throw you somewhere in a half. This move has much lower delay than in SF3 Third Strike, so Akuma do not need to worry about any counter.

Ex Moves

  • qcf+2xP - Ex Gou Hadouken

Two hits version of the normal fireball. In some players opinion, this move is completely useless. Do the same damage as single fireball and it don't absorb Super bar.

  • qcf+2xP (in the air) - Ex Zankuu Hadouken

Double fireball. It hits only once. In case of pushed 2xP depends projectile angle.

  • hcb+2xP - Ex Shakunetsu Hadouken
  • p, d, dp+2xK - Ex Hyakki Shuu
  • qcb+2xK - Ex Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku (armor breaking)

Doing this attack, you are spinning around in one place. If enemy is close, he will get couple hits.

  • d, dt, t+2xK (in the air) - Ex Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku
  • p, d, dp+2xP - Ex Shoryuken

Super Combo

  • LP, LP, p, LK, HP - Shun Goku Satsu (armor breaking)

This combo is very fast. Faster then previously and takes 30% more enemies energy (in case of character). Pass through normal attacks (except fireballs) and it pass also if you are on the second screen corner.

Ultra Combo

  • LP, LP, t, LK, HK - Shun Goku Satsu (armor breaking)

Pass through fireball and takes 60% opponents energy (if the revenge bar is full). The only way to avoid is jump or jump over.


  • MK (from the air), HP, cancel LK Hurricane Kick, HP Shoryuken.
  • HK (from the air), MK (crouching), cancel HP Hadouken.
1 - Hidden characters - Akuma - Hidden characters - Street Fighter IV - Game Guide and Walkthrough
2 - Hidden characters - Akuma - Hidden characters - Street Fighter IV - Game Guide and Walkthrough
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