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Street Fighter IV Game Guide

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Characters - Vega (Balrog) | Characters Street Fighter IV Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Speed and power of his moves are similar to those known from Super Turbo - Characters - Vega (Balrog) - Characters - Street Fighter IV - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Speed and power of his moves are similar to those known from Super Turbo. He has very good Ex moves and it's not so easy to get him down from the air. His Focus Attack is probably the best coverage of all in the game. However, the Vega is not a strong character, because of his weak attacks. In addition, he becomes confused after taking several attacks, and loss of weapons could mean the end of combat.

Normal Moves

  • dp+HK - Leaping Kick

Good juggle starter. Fast attack, with practically no delay. Even in case of enemy's block, we can throw him. Very meaning attack.

  • d+MP - Medium Punch Claw

Has a good range and gives a lot of damage. Easily take off enemies from the air. He is good for those who didn't hit you from a long distance. You can break it every Vega Special Moves.

  • d+HK - Slide Sweep

Fast and safe Low attack. Good to avoid fireballs and attacks from the air.

  • LK+LP - Air Throw

This throw has a good range and easily take off flying enemies.

Special Moves

  • [t], p+P - Rolling Crystal Flash

Useful in combos. Has a huge range and you can cancel it by Focus Attack or Special Moves.

  • [d], g+K; P(close) - Flying Barcelona Attack & Izuna Drop

Jump from the wall finished with attack. Control Vega jump direction with joy. Pushing p+P or t+P close to enemy you will throw him but if only P - you will do hands attack. It's not so good as in Super Turbo, but still confusing because enemy must guess if we want to throw or attack.

  • [d], g+P - Sky High Claw

Medium attack. Hard to hit advanced opponent and takes not so many damage. Attack high depends on pushed punch.

  • [dt], p+K - Scarlet Terror

Very useful in defense and MK and HK version hits triple. Good to use it in counter/reversal. Unfortunately don't have high priority and don't work the same on every character. Can be used as juggle starter, but only when we will do Ex Scarlet Terror after. Quite hard but sometimes useful.

  • 3xP, 3xK - Back Flip

Vega dash backward. P version takes little longer but you will dash farther. Foeten the best way to avoid Super or Ultra Combo.

  • p, d, dp+P - Claw Throw

More Taunt than attack. Takes minimal damage. Pushed punch decide where our "hardware" will be throw.

  • p, d, dp+2xP - Mask Throw

This move absorb about 50% EX meter. Vega take off his mask. More power but increase the stamina.

Ex Moves

  • [t], p+2xP - Ex Rolling Crystal Flash

This attack takes a lot of damage also when it's blocked but it takes long time (it's like normal version with HP). Rarely used because of unavailable during combo. Has small priority

  • [d], g+2xK; P(close) - Ex Flying Barcelona Attack & Izuna Drop

Vega hits before and after wall jump. EX version has also better throw range. It's the most used combo attack. Take solid damage but it's not quite good against flying enemies. Almost whole Super meter will be used for this attack.

  • [d], g+2xP - Ex Sky High Claw

Ex version hit two times and it's faster. Passes projectiles.

  • [dt],p+2xK - Ex Scarlet Terror

Takes more damage than basic version. Has much higher priority. Also pass the fireballs. Using this attack take an eye on the range.

Super Combo

  • [dt], dp, dt, gp+K; P - Flying Barcelona Special & Rolling Izuna Drop

Popular Super Move from Super Turbo. If you do not execute Izun Drop your bar will disappear. This attack has better range than normal Izun Drop but takes not much more energy. You can cancel Claw Roll what open new opportunities.

Ultra Combo

  • [dt], dp, dt, gp+3xK; P - Bloody High Claw


  • HK (from air), MK (crouching), Scarlet Terror.
  • HP (from air), HP, MP (crouching), cancel Ex Flying Barcelona.
  • HK (from air), MK (crouching), cancel LP Rolling Claw.
  • Focus Attack 2/3 Dash Cancel, p+MK, p+HK, d+ HK.
  • LP (crouching), LP (crouching), MP (crouching), cancel Ex Flying Barcelona.
1 - Characters - Vega (Balrog) - Characters - Street Fighter IV - Game Guide and Walkthrough
2 - Characters - Vega (Balrog) - Characters - Street Fighter IV - Game Guide and Walkthrough
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