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Steel Division 2 Guide by

Steel Division 2 Guide

Table of Contents

Introduction | Divisions of the Axis in Steel Division 2 Steel Division 2 guide, tips

The Axis countries in Steel Division 2 are mainly German divisions and several Hungarian auxiliary groups. Most of the battle groups have modern equipment, tanks with strong armor and powerful cannons. The same applies to artillery and aviation. Nevertheless, almost all divisions suffer from human and equipment shortages. Therefore, many battle groups use the seized Soviet equipment and the Korück 559 division is composed almost entirely of seized French, Polish and Belgian tanks as well as infantry armaments and cannons. The same applies to the experience of the troops. In many divisions some troops will have recruits and veterans, e.g. available only in phase A or C. Despite the large number of cards available, you will often have to decide which troops you want to add to a battle group.

The strength of German divisions are the armored units. On the eastern front you will witness the best machine guns - Panzer IV, Panthers, Tigers, Jagpanthers, Nashrons. Also the infantry is very well trained and has many specialized units. Unlike the Red Army, many German divisions suffer from a lack of human resources. For this reason, most of these units do not appear in too large numbers, especially experienced units. Another problem for this faction is the price of the units. You can choose from a large number of interesting and powerful units, but because of the price, it will be difficult for you to summon all of them to the battlefield.

Owners of Back to War DLC are able to command several German divisions from the Western Front: Panzer-Lehr, 21. Panzer, 116. Panzer, 352. Infantries. Some of these divisions have unique equipment and units that are not available to other divisions. For example, the 21st Armored Division has one of the best German heavy tanks - the Royal Tiger.

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