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Steel Division 2 Guide by

Steel Division 2 Guide

Table of Contents

Recon in Steel Division 2 Steel Division 2 guide, tips

Units in this category are designed to detect and recognize an enemy from a long distance. Recon is your basic tool for defending and attacking. Quite often, your tank column will be on fire just because it couldn't detect an anti-tank cannon. All recon troops have a very high optics ratio, which allows them to "see" further and determine the type of enemy unit. Some units have great camouflage abilities and can hide from the enemy for a long time. It is worthwhile to deactivate the command "respond with fire" for such units, so that they do not betray their position by unnecessary fighting. Such troops are few in number and should stay on the battlefield as long as possible.

The scouts aren't moving the front lines! This has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you won't get the terrain or take over the strategic points by using such units. On the other hand, you can place scouts in enemy territory and watch enemy troops' movements or ambush your opponent's supply trucks.

Recon Vehicle

They're cheap wheeled units, usually jeeps and motorcycles. Most of the vehicles are very fast units, but equipped only with machine guns. Due to their size, they have a fairly good hiding power, which makes it more difficult to detect such units. The majority of such units have high optics, which means they will easily track down and see enemy troops. Due to their low price and size, they are available in large quantities.

Armored Recon

In this category there are mainly armored vehicles and tanks adapted to the role of scouts such as T-34/76, T-70, Valentine III, Panzer III and IV or Pantera D. Due to the size and characteristics of such vehicles, they have a low ability of hiding from the enemy, although they still have high optics. The task of such vehicles is not to be hidden and inform about the enemy's movements, but to stick to the main offensive plan. For example, if you want to send a group of tanks to attack, it is best to take on an armored recon that keeps pace, detects potential targets and has the same or similar firepower. This is where Panther D stands out, which has the same statistics as the usual Panther D from the tank category.

Scouts and recon squads can track and detect enemy units (1) that are in hiding (2). - Recon in Steel Division 2 - Units - Steel Division 2 Guide
Scouts and recon squads can track and detect enemy units (1) that are in hiding (2).

Recon Squad

These are infantry units that have the ability to scout and their optics are very good. They can quickly detect targets and recognize enemy units from long distances. Each nation has numerous units in this category and they differ in the strength of the unit (i.e. number of soldiers, health bar) and weaponry. Some troops are 2-person teams, where other troops have the same firepower, number and even armor as regular infantry troops. Such units can be used to carry out actions behind enemy lines or to set up ambushes. As they do not move the front lines, it is easier for them to sneak into enemy territory and destroy artillery or anti-aircraft guns.

Sniper Team

It has the same abilities as the other units, but its biggest advantage is the main weapon, the sniper rifle, which has a range of 1 kilometer! One such unit can kill an entire infantry unit if it stands in an open area without cover. Sometimes it is worth to let the infantry move further a little bit, so that the squad has nowhere to run. Their attacks affects the morale of enemy infantry and can quickly nail such troops. Snipers are usually 2-person teams, which are quite expensive. A good armored vehicle can be bought at a similar price. However, their skills and the ability to operate in secret are worth the price, especially in the fight against infantry divisions.

Armed Truck, Armored Personal Carrier

These are only transport units, which cannot be admitted in any other way than with selected infantry units. Some of them have a machine gun and can still transport light groups of soldiers. Interestingly, they still have the ability to reconnaissance and can be used as additional recon units.

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