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Table of Contents

Legend (maps, text) | Trooper SWTOR Guide

Each mission description is divided into several smaller parts. It should be observed that the following legend does not concern the next section - "Shortcuts (main and side missions)". The list of missions is given in chronological order, that is, the order you receive them. Also, the level of a particular mission is shown before its name (L). Here is all information that is essential to read before you start using the missions description.

[Names of the next locations]

The exact description of a mission is here. Sometimes it's divided into several different places you will visit, and each of them has its own map.

Map legend

  • [Q] - Quick Travel Points
  • [T] - Taxis
  • [M] - Medical Droids (medical assistance and Respawn points)
  • [.] - chests you can search
  • [X], [1], [2], etc. - the text of missions descriptions refers to green numbers and letters on maps

Text markings

  • All NPCs are marked in brown. If these are enemies then after their name there can be one of the following markings - [+], [*], [#] - indicating how challenging the enemy is (powerful enemy, elite, boss). If there isn't any then an enemy isn't a very big threat.
  • Letters and numbers that refer to maps, as well as item names are marked in green.
  • All Codex entries are marked in blue.
  • All means of travel (Taxis, Quick Travel Points), mission names and abilities are marked in orange.
  • Important places, rewards (experience points - XP and credits) are made bold.


In the missions descriptions there are all dialogues that can have any impact on the game mechanics. It is given in the Points / Rewards column. The Effect column specifies what kind of effect your reply will have (there can also be a letter referring to the next dialogue mentioned), while under Reply there is the answer's line.

If any dialogue is missing it means that it doesn't matter which reply you choose (of course, except for the aspects related to developing your character in terms of the story). If a reply doesn't have any effect or doesn't result in getting any points or rewards, then there will be no suitable column in the table.




Points / Rewards

Reply number

One out of the two or three replies your character can give.

Effect of the chosen reply, and if it leads further - a letter of the next dialogue is given

+x to Light / Dark Side, +x / -x to companion's Affection, other Rewards

# - a letter indicating the dialogue order. Some replies can lead to different dialogues.

Bonus missions

If a mission contains a small bonus mission, then a complete list of them is given right before the mission description. Bonus mission objectives are given along with the mission objectives (class or side) with which such a mission is connected.


The list of rewards includes: XP, credits, items and Codex entries. You can receive all these items for completing a mission. Sometimes you'll get one out of the two depending on your class, other times you'll have to choose one from several items (these are separated by a slash - "/").

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