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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The Force | Basics SW: The Force Unleashed Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Force Lightning: Shocking enemies with powerful lightnings. Very effective against mechanical enemies, enemies with jetpacks, enemies grabbed with Force Grip and against felucian shamans.

Activation - PS3: Triangle. Xbox 360: Y

Force Push: Pushing and often falling enemies. To generate strong push, press the button and hold it.

Activation - PS3: Circle. Xbox 360: B

Force Grip: Grabbing the enemies or items and gives the possibility to throw it. The one of the most often used powers, so it's worth of the investment. In the later phase, you will be able to grab even few enemies in the same time.

Activation - PS3: R2. Xbox 360: RT

Force Repulse: This force is creating around you the force bubble. After a while the force bubble is changing in a shockwave, which is wounding nearest enemies. This force is especially effective against: opponents, which are using the Force, stormtroopers, felucians protected by shamans and bosses.

Activation - PS3: L2+Wheel. Xbox 360: LT+B

Force Lightning Shield: Reduces effectiveness of the enemy attacks.

Activation - PS3: L2+Triangle. Xbox 360: LT+Y

Force Lightsaber Throw: With this force you can throw your lightsaber in targeted enemy. This force isn't especially strong alone but if you mix her with Force Grip (PS3: R2+Square. Xbox 360: RT+X), you will be able to defeat the strongest enemy.

Activation - PS3: L2+Square. Xbox 360: LT+X

The Talents

Fortitude: Increases amount of the health.

Force Focus: Increases amount of the Force.

Force Affinity: Increases regeneration rate of the Force.

Vitality: Increases amount of the points, which regenerate health bar after hitting the enemy.

Resilience: Reduces effectiveness of the enemy attacks.

Battle Meditation: Reduces amount of time necessary to power up the Starkiller's force.

Saber Mastery: Increases effectiveness of the lightsaber attacks.

Defense Mastery: Increases the chance on the deflection of the shot with lightsaber.

Combo Mastery: Reduces amount of the points of Force used during combos.

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