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Star Wars: Empire at War Game Guide by

Star Wars: Empire at War Game Guide

Table of Contents

Mission 8: The Rebel Fortress | Empire campaign Star Wars EAW Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Defeating Jabiim won't be easy, as planet has large garrison and fleet. You should use really large fleet with lots of destroyers and Broadside cruisers in reserve. At the beginning, don't be hasty. Stick around your starting position, and let some gunships and corvettes come after you. Blow them apart, and then begin to move in direction of the base. You're going to have hard time now. Base is very strong and there's lot of enemy frigates nearby. To make matter worse, ion cannon is shooting from the planet - it will soon immobilize some of your ships. Be ready to use a lot of reinforcements. When you take down station shields, concentrate all fire on it. You should take the base down after a while, and then just hunt down any rebel remnants.

Now you can commence land attack. Remember, that you can't use scouts or repulsor tanks here, so be sure to have enough other units. This battle won't be very hard, but it will be long. Enemy has lots of infantry (yeah, once again locals have turned against you) and plenty of vehicles. Drop AT-AT's, artillery and move around the map slowly, destroying all structures and building turrets in every available place. After destroying all neutral buildings, you can deal with the rebel base. First, destroy generator powering its shields. It can be found in north-eastern corner of the map. When it is destroyed, you only have to weaken enemy defenses with your airstrikes, and then bring in AT-AT's and artillery to finish the task.


If there are any Rebel planets left, capture them now. No new systems will appear, but before going to the next mission it is good to build up army a little bit. Most probably, you have suffered some casualties during previous battles. If you want to hang around on galactic map for some time, build defensive garrisons around Atzeri - enemy will start to attack you, if you give him enough time.

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