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Starlink Battle for Atlas Guide

Starlink Battle for Atlas Guide

To infinity and beyond! Starlink Battle for Atlas guide will help you get 1st kit and begin your space journey. In addition to our walkthrough, check the tips on buying Starlink "toys" and description of all planets, battles, spires, secrets that may come handy for new players.

Time to enter the Atlas system. Our guide for Starlink: Battle for Atlas contains a full set of information that will help you fight with the Legion and learn Atlas' secrets. The guide has been divided into two parts. The first part contains descriptions of all the gameplay mechanics as well as questions regarding the game. Here, you can learn about exploration of the available planets as well as the combat mechanics. You can also check how to use the figurines that are part of the game.

The second part focuses on the planets available in the Atlas system. Here, you can see which locations can be discovered on a given planet. This part also contains solutions to puzzles that can be encountered in certain places.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas was developed by Ubisoft. The game is set in the Atlas system. Your task is to defeat the Legion led by Grax. The distinguishing feature of this game is the use of figurines - connect them to the special controller and your vehicles and pilots will appear in the game.

Color markings used in this guide

The guide for Starlink: Battle for Atlas uses the following color markings:

  1. Green is for all the locations and important objects that are described in the guide.
  2. Bronze is for all the items that can be obtained during your exploration of the planets.
  3. Blue is for enemies that you will face during the game.

Starting tips

Starting a game isn't always easy. The goal of the following tips is to help you get a better start and to learn more about the Atlas system.

  1. Always check an enemy's weak points - The game provides you information about a new enemy whenever you encounter one. The most important part is its weaknesses to various weapon types. Pay extra attention to this information.
  2. Explore every location carefully - The planets have multiple locations that are divided into a few types. Being part of a certain group means that you will find items from the same category. The short note on the map informs you what you can find in a given location - simply move your cursor over it.
  3. Use environment objects during combat - Locations can feature exploding containers. Shoot them to cause either a frost or heat explosion. Besides regular damage, your enemy will also receive other negative effects (they need to stand on the stain created by the explosion).
  4. Use combinations of attacks - A good way of increasing your firepower is to use the right combinations. Thermal shock works great at the beginning of the game. An overheated or frozen enemy attacked with the opposite element will receive a lot of damage. This is especially useful when you are fighting with the Cyclops.
  5. Be on good terms with the Observatories - Observatories are facilities located on every planet. Their goal is to scan the nearby terrains. Start cooperating with them and you will be able to use their data to reveal all hidden parts of the map that are within the Observatory's radius.
  6. Don't try to explore the entire map in one go - The game adds all the available locations on your map upon your first landing on a given planet. However, not all of them are suited for low-level characters. Move your cursor over a location that interests you to learn its recommended level.


In this part you will find all the information regarding the gameplay mechanics. Here, you can learn, i.e. how to discover new species or how to modify your equipment:

  1. Figures - to play, it is required to have special figures, which are connected to the docking station and then copied to the equipment in the game. This chapter is devoted to the description of this system.
  2. Constructing outposts - on each of the planets you can set up your own outposts, which will allow you to exploit them to your own discretion. This chapter will familiarize you with the secrets of outpost construction.
  3. Influence on planets - in order to construct settlements on planets, you will need influence. From this chapter you will learn how to get it in the most efficient way.
  4. Upgrading the Equinox - your mothership can be equipped with a number of upgrades that provide it with new abilities and functions. This chapter contains information about all of the upgrades available in Starlink.


This chapter is devoted to combat, the main aspect of gameplay in Starlink. From here you will learn, among other things, how to choose ships and what kind of damage you will be able to inflict.

  1. Ship selection - each ship has its own universal properties that affect its behavior. In this chapter you will find information about each ship available in the game, including its recommended usage.
  2. Types of damage - in the game you will have access to a variety of weapons. Each one of them inflicts different type of damage. This chapter is devoted to the types of damages available in the game and their potential combinations.


Here, you can learn about all the planets found in the Atlas system, i.e. their fauna and flora as well as places that can be discovered.

About Starlink Battle for Atlas Guide

Author : Agnieszka "aadamus" Adamus for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : October 26, 2018

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Video Game

Starlink: Battle for Atlas
  • genre: Action

  • developer: Ubisoft
  • publisher: Ubisoft
  • platform: PS4, XONE, Switch

The game takes place in the distant Atlas planetary system, which is filled with alien worlds. This part of the galaxy is on the brink of destruction due to the invasion of the machines known as the Forgotten Legion. Our job is to stop the machines and defeat their leader, Grax.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas for SWITCH, XONE and PS4 is an action game where we control our own, self-made space ship. We use it to fight not only in space, but also in the high atmosphere of many planets.

The gameís world is open and dynamic and changes under the influence of both the player and the Forgotten Legionís (A.I.) decisions. If we do not pay enough attention to whatís going on, the machines will quickly take over the entire system.

What makes Starlink: Battle for Atlas a unique game is the fact that it is integrated with physical spaceship models that are sold separately. Here, the system is a bit more complicated than in other similar productions. Spaceship models are modular, which allows us to manually change their parts and pilots. These changes are instantly realized in the virtual world so the game combines the virtual and actual realities.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas offers many various missions during which we have complete tactical freedom. It encourages us to experiment with modelsí configurations in order to create spaceships suitable for all kinds of tasks.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas for SWITCH, XONE and PS4 uses Snowdrop game engine (the same as The Division), making its visuals really attractive and easy on the eyes.

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