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Stars near the character portraits indicate the level of unit development. Promoting characters to the next star increases their base stats, which are then multiplied by the relevant unit level. To increase the number of stars of a character, you must collect the correct number of shards that are awarded for winning Light Side Battles (level Hard), Dark Side Battles (level Hard), Cantina Battles, and Galactic War. Shards can also be obtained at the Squad Arena Store, Cantina Battles Store, Galactic War Store, Fleet Arena Store and the Guild Store. The table below illustrates how many shards you need in order to promote your character to the next star, and also how many credits you need for such a promotion:

Star level



1 -> 2



2 -> 3



3 -> 4



4 -> 5



5 -> 6



6 -> 7



Note: Unlocking some characters is sometimes only possible with 3, 4 or even 5 stars, which means that you need to collect more shards before the activation is possible.

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