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Spintires MudRunner Guide and Tips by

Spintires MudRunner Guide and Tips

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Seashore | Map Spintires MudRunner Tips and hints Spintires MudRunner Guide

Seashore Map from Spintires MudRunner and how to drive through it.

The first progression point gives access to an intermediate map known as Seashore. Even if the map sports a large coastline, you won't encounter much of it during driving. Your primary objective is to unlock the garage in the middle of the map and leave the second garage locked until you've delivered timber to the northern lumber mill (more in the description of the routes). The central part of the map offers an asphalt route that facilitates getting access to almost any of the locations. Unfortunately, the asphalt route has two blockades that make delivering timber impossible. Your task is to deliver timber to two lumber mills.

Seashore leaves you with fewer stars than the previous maps. You can still choose three vehicles, but these will be as follows: two lesser trucks and a UAZ, or a class C truck for 2 and 3 stars. Such choice will enable you to deliver timber more easily. The map offer a choice of vehicles, but some of them may not be accessed that easily. Interestingly enough, the fuel stations are placed in remote and/or unhospitable locations. Replenish your fuel in a garage and plan your moves beforehand in order to not be left without fuel. Alternatively, you can send an extra truck with a fuel cistern to load on fuel and deliver it to your current location.


The white route leads to the garage - Seashore | Map Spintires MudRunner - Maps - Spintires MudRunner Guide and Tips

The white route leads to the garage. The course shouldn't pose a challenge, as the initial muddy road is quickly replaced by an asphalt route leading straight to the garage which is at the end of a steep ascent. You may need to use the winch to continue. Watch out for speed when descending. If you've decided to create a convoy, drive the vehicles down one at a time.

Blue route is a viable path leading to/from the log station up to the lumber mill. The first phase of the journey leads through a forest, so I don't recommend long rigs (containing 6 timber points) - use a convoy of two vehicles instead. Your first challenge is to get past a river (red exclamation mark). Use the rope if necessary. Alternatively, you can utilize the second variant of the blue route, but you'll need to load the timber on your own. Nevertheless, this variant enables you to skip the river, while its path leads through a paved surface longer than the standard route.

The second stage of the blue route leads through an asphalt route. Maintain average speed, especially when you are carrying a cargo - braking takes a while and trucks may skid across the route. The bridge is equipped with crash barriers so you are safe from falling in case of an accident. Perform a right turn to begin the final, third stage of the blue route. You'll be driving down a beach containing numerous rocks. These may block or damage your vehicle if struck when speeding.

Unload the vehicle. There is a trick that you can utilize. If you've unlocked the garage in the middle of the map, simply activate the advanced mode and choose to be towed back to the garage. This will enable you to save time, repair, refuel and quickly be on your way to the second log station.


Start with unlocking the garage found in the south-eastern part of the map in order to be able to tow your trucks back to this point - Seashore | Map Spintires MudRunner - Maps - Spintires MudRunner Guide and Tips

Start with unlocking the garage found in the south-eastern part of the map in order to be able to tow your trucks back to this point. The lumber mill can be accessed through two routes - green route, a longer fragment leading through a muddy road or orange route, a shorter course leading through a number of water obstacles.

Green route utilizes numerous sandy and asphalt routes. Load the timber and proceed north by utilizing a winding road. Fortunately, the path is beaten and should be easy to cross. The further part of the route is also easy - a wide meadow full of tree stumps. Nevertheless, these may damage your car if struck - stay clear of them. You can also utilize the second variant and unlock a watch point along the way. This variant offers an asphalt route, but you'll need to clear a bog before you're able to reach the sandy road.

You'll be facing a difficult, muddy road once the two variants converge (first exclamation mark). Crossing through a small hillside and a forest leads to a meadow with young trees (second exclamation mark) which may turn out to be a graveyard for your vehicles. You can choose to return to the garage once the delivery has been completed. Currently, the first garage is closer than the south-eastern one, but you can backtrack a bit to land back in the needed garage.

Orange route sees you travel through numerous water basins found west of the log station. The route is much shorter than the green one, but crossing water obstacles takes longer than normal driving. Most two star vehicles will have major problems getting through this route, especially in deeper areas. Make sure to choose a 3 star truck such as C-4310 or C-375. Moreover, the amount of rocks and trees will require extensive maneuvering. Fortunately, the area contains numerous trees - make use of your winch. You'll encounter a beaten route with small amounts of mud once you've made it through the basins. Nevertheless, it will be a breeze in comparison to the obstacles you've had to cross.

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