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Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide by

Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide

Table of Contents

Spider-Man Miles Morales: Fighting Guide Spider-Man Miles Morales guide, walkthrough

Last update: 02 March 2021

The gameplay in Spider-Man Miles Morales often focuses on skirmishes or battles with a large group of enemies. On this page, you will find basic combat and air combat information, how to dodge, use camouflage and venom skills. You will learn the stealth takedown and stealth techniques.

Here is a description of all the moves Miles can use during the clash. Try them all out to find the right fighting style for you.

Hand-to-hand combat

1 - Spider-Man Miles Morales: Fighting Guide - Basics - Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide
  1. You derive the Basic Attack with square. Pressing the square four times will create a series of blows, with the last hit knocking the enemy away. Remember that knockback may not work on stronger enemies and Bosses.
  2. While in close proximity to an enemy, pressing the triangle will perform a Web Strike. Miles will then fly up and strike his opponent. If you hold the triangle longer you will pull and turn the person running at you. If your opponent is equipped with a weapon of any kind, pressing down the triangle will cause you to snatch it from him, making a circle with it and knocking down all enemies in the vicinity.
  3. To perform a Web Throw, fire several projectiles from the Web Launcher (R1 ) and then hold down the triangle. The enemy will be ejected and taped to the wall.
  4. Web Yank Opportunist - After delivering a series of strikes, hold down the triangle to pull your opponent back to you and deliver a stunning punch.
  5. Attack an enemy with a single punch and then hold down the triangle to throw it in the desired direction. Opponents within striking range will be knocked down.
  6. Spin Cycle by holding down the triangle, when you catch an enemy press the triangle quickly three times to spin them longer.
  7. You perform a Throw by holding down square and then a triangle, knocking your opponent into the air and quickly bringing them down to the ground.
  8. You can also use items in your environment. Hold down L1 R1 to throw a smaller item. Large objects can be brought down on the enemy.
  9. When you complete enough series you will unlock the finisher. A triangle circle will then appear above the enemy's head, press them simultaneously to perform a powerful attack that will instantly eliminate the enemy.
  10. The down arrow is for healing, you will then use the power of venom to renew your life bar. You gain venom power by attacking enemies. Fighting in the air provides more of it than fighting on the ground.

Fight in the air

2 - Spider-Man Miles Morales: Fighting Guide - Basics - Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide
  1. Hold down the square to throw the enemy up in the air and start a fight in the air. You can also jump by pressing the cross and hold square to attack the enemy with a swing kick. Perform single strikes or a series by pressing square 4 times.
  2. While in the air, you can perform Air Yank, holding down the triangle to draw your opponent to you. As they fall, hold down the triangle again to perform an Air Throw.
  3. Use the square to throw a punch, then press the cross to knock yourself away from your opponent and start fighting from the air. This is a good way to avoid charging enemies.


3 - Spider-Man Miles Morales: Fighting Guide - Basics - Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide
  1. Your spider senses will inform you of an incoming attack. Press the wheel to perform a quick dodge. If the warning lights up red, pressing the wheel at the last moment will score you a Perfect Dodge, causing you to be temporarily invulnerable and briefly slowing down time. Jumping after dodging increases the distance traveled. This is useful when avoiding long range attacks.
  2. Hit an enemy or perform a Web Strike, then press the circle to dodge and slide between their legs. You will then be able to continue the attack from behind.
  3. Standing next to a wall, dodge towards it, then press square to jump out and hit several enemies at once. This way you will perform an Off the Wall Attack.

Venom skills

4 - Spider-Man Miles Morales: Fighting Guide - Basics - Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide
  1. You will inflict aVenom Strike with the combination L1 square. It will stun one enemy who will receive extra damage from subsequent attacks. Using Venom Strike requires one full bar of venom, which is located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. When you are surrounded by a large number of enemies, Venom Smash will prove to be a useful ability. Press L1 square cross to slam into the ground with momentum, stunning many enemies with venom. After receiving venom damage, enemies will be more susceptible to further attacks. The ability requires one full strip of venom.
  3. Venom Jump also requires one full strip of venom. Press L1 cross while standing next to a group of enemies and you'll knock them all into the air, disarming them and stunning them with venom, making them vulnerable to further attacks.
  4. Pressing the L1 triangle will perform a Venom Dash. Miles will then jump to the enemy, stun him and throw him away, while stunning other nearby people. They will take extra damage from subsequent attacks. You will consume one full bar of venom per Venomous Sprint.
  5. After performing a Venom Dash, quickly press the cross and use Venomous Throw to bounce off your opponent, thus performing a free Venom Dash.
  6. If you have three full venom bars and are surrounded by a larger group of enemies, use the Mega Venom Blast. Press L1 circle triangle to perform a powerful area attack that will stun those around you with venom and restore your health. Venom-stunned enemies will take extra damage from subsequent attacks.

Camouflage and stealth

5 - Spider-Man Miles Morales: Fighting Guide - Basics - Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide
  1. The up arrow activates and deactivates Camouflage. Camouflage power (the bar in the upper right corner of the screen) wears off when Miles is invisible.
  2. Scan Environment(R3) will reveal the location of enemies, objects, and available interactions.
  3. Using Camouflage, approach a group of enemies and press L3 R3 to unleash Blinding Light, which will reveal you and stun nearby enemies.
  4. While holding down L2, Miles will start tagging an enemy with the visor. Use the right analog to move the camera to mark enemies who will now be visible through walls and other objects.
  5. Apply Camouflage or approach the enemy from behind and press square when it appears on the screen to perform Stealth Takedown. Silent Eliminations can also be performed from walls, ceilings, and from a squat.
  6. You will perform theWeb-Strike Takedown from a distance using the triangle on an enemy unaware of the threat.
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