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Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide

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Spider-Man Miles Morales: Remote Mine - modification list Spider-Man Miles Morales guide, walkthrough

Last update: 26 February 2021

This page of the guide to Spider-Man Miles Morales provides a description of the gadget called Remote Mine. You will find all of its uses and modifications available for purchase.

You will receive the Remote Mines in the 10th main mission - Corporate Espionage - Spider-Man Miles Morales: Remote Mine - modification list - Gadgets - Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide

You will receive the Remote Mines in the 10th main mission - Corporate Espionage. Select them from the 3rd tab when you press the touchpad or from the gadgets wheel by holding down R1.

Holding down L2 will enter targeting mode, allowing you to place the device more accurately. This is especially important during stealth skirmishes, where Remote Mines can be attached to fuse boxes to destroy enemy patrols. If you throw it close enough to your opponents, they will hear the noise and head towards it. When they are in the range of the mine, press L3 to detonate the charge.

The mine can also be attached to the floor or common objects. Enemies struck this way will then only receive minor damage.

With the activity tokens you earn and the parts you collect, you can buy the 4 available upgrades:

Live Wire


  1. level 10
  2. 8 activity tokens

Increases the number of enemies stunned by a remote mine attached to a fuse from 3 to 4.

Increased Capacity


  1. level 11
  2. 10 activity tokens

Increases the maximum supply of remote mines by 1.

Raw Energy


  1. level 12
  2. 12 activity tokens
  3. 1 part

Increases the damage dealt by Remote Mines.

Venom Recharge


  1. level 22
  2. 16 activity tokens
  3. 2 parts
  4. Starting a New Game

Gain venom by standing in the field of fire of a remote mine when it explodes.

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