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Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide by

Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide

Table of Contents

Spider-Man Miles Morales: Visor Mods - List Spider-Man Miles Morales guide, walkthrough

On this page for the Spider-Man Miles Morales tutorial you will find information on the Visor Mods, learn what they are for and learn about all the possible upgrades.

Miles will begin using the Visor while completing the 6th main mission, Harlem Trains out of Service. Hold down L2 to enter aiming mode and use the right analogue to move the scope around the screen. Mark all enemies with the visor, they will be highlighted in red from now on, even when they disappear from your sight. If you approach an enemy marked with a viewfinder and his status is "certain", you can perform a silent elimination.

You can find the viewfinder modifications in the 2nd tab after pressing the touchpad. You can simultaneously activate 2 of the 13 upgrades and exchange them freely, even during a skirmish. You will buy some modifications with activity tokens, earned by completing side missions or activities from the FNSM App, and parts you find in Underground caches. Specific costumes are required to unlock the other upgrades.

Below is a list of all 13 modifications:

Requirements - Spider-Man Miles Morales: Visor Mods - List - Modifications - Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide

Optic Triangulation


  1. level 3
  2. 8 activity tokens

Scanning marks enemies through walls. They will be marked until you turn off sneak mode.

Perfect Sight


  1. level 5
  2. 14 activity tokens
  3. 2 parts

Increases the time to perform a perfect dodge.

If your spider senses are red, pressing the wheel at the last moment will give you a perfect dodge, making you temporarily invulnerable and briefly slowing down time.

An Eye for Supplies


  1. level 5
  2. 10 activity tokens
  3. 1 part

Increases the frequency of gadget ammunition drops.

Eyes on Target


  1. level 10
  2. 10 activity tokens

Scanning causes a line to be drawn between the enemy and all other enemies that can currently see it.

Residual Venom


  1. level 10
  2. 11 activity tokens

The energy left after a successful venom attack becomes visible and can be absorbed through contact to provide more venom power.

Eyes in the Back of My Head


  1. level 10
  2. 14 activity tokens
  3. 3 parts

Automatically activates camouflage immediately before detection in stealth mode.

Trick Master


  1. Brooklyn Visions Academy suit

Provides additional venom power for performing aerial tricks.



  1. T.R.A.C.K. Suit.

Reduces damage received from ranged attacks by 25%.

Ghost Strike


  1. Crimson Cowl Suit

Enemies cannot hear the elimination by spider attack when you use camouflage.



  1. Purple Reign Suit

Refreshes 1 piece of gadget ammunition after performing a silent elimination with a melee attack.

Venom Overclock


  1. S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit

The lower the health level, the faster the venom power increases.

Bam! Pow! Wham! (Bam! Pow! Wham!)


  1. Into the Spider-Verse Suit

With this modification, you will get a glimpse into the Spider-universe and experience combat sound effects from another Earth!

Threat Sensors


  1. level 23
  2. 18 activity tokens
  3. 2 parts
  4. Starting a New Game

A perfect dodge causes time to slow down temporarily.

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