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Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide by

Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide

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Spider-Man Miles Morales: 100% - How to complete the entire game? Spider-Man Miles Morales guide, walkthrough

Last update: 26 February 2021

On the following tutorial page you will learn how to complete 100% of Spider-Man Miles Morales and how to unlock the platinum trophy.

Getting platinum is not a difficult task - you only need to spend more time in the game. To get 100% you need to:

  1. Complete the campaign, consisting of 17 main missions.
  2. Complete all side missions. Some of them can be found in the FNSM app, while others will be marked on the map. To unlock some of the side missions, you first need to find the right collectibles. For more details, see our walkthrough description of the side missions.
  3. Do all the activities in the FNSM app.
  4. Open all 35 Underground Caches. You will find the first cache during the 6th main mission - Harlem Trains Out of Service.
  5. Find 15 time capsules. These collectibles are unlocked after completing the 7th main mission - Reconnecting.
  6. Collect 8 sound samples. These collectibles are unlocked after completing the 13th main mission - Breaking Through the Noise.
  7. Collect 7 postcards. These collectibles are related to the Memory Lane side mission.
  8. Clear and neutralize all 3 Underground Hideouts and 3 Roxxon Labs. Locations of the enemy bases will be unlocked and marked on the map during the 11th main mission - Underground Undercover. Additionally, in each hideout and lab there is 1 Underground Cache.
  9. Unlock all suits and gadgets available in the game.
  10. Ride a derelict boat in the Chinatown docks. This activity is related to the I'm On A Boat trophy.
  11. Pay respects to the grave of Miles' father, Jefferson Davis. The tombstone is located in the cemetery in the northwestern part of Harlem. This activity is related to the Never Give Up trophy.
  12. Find the Stan Lee Statue in the Upper West Side. The statue is located between the market and Mick's Diner. You need to interact with the statue to unlock the Best Fries in Town trophy.
  13. Complete all challenges in the Spider-Training. These challenges will be available after completing the 3rd main mission - New Thwip.

For more detailed information, see the Trophies section.

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