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SpellForce 3 Game Guide by

SpellForce 3 Game Guide

Table of Contents

Starting tips SpellForce 3 Guide

In this chapter you can find a few useful tips for SpellForce 3. The tips were divided into those that focus on the RPG elements of the game as well as its strategic aspects.

RPG elements

  1. Remember to activate Godstones. Your heroes can revive near them if they die. They also serve as fast travel points.
  2. Remember that you have a little bit of time until your fallen hero dies. Use another hero to lure out enemies away from a dying character and use another hero to revive.
  3. Explore, explore, explore. Try to check every corner of a map. You can find various useful items, resources and even side quests. Each dead enemy rewards your heroes with experience so try to clear every map from all enemies.
  4. Try to carry a lot of health and focus potions. These basic potions can save your heroes from numerous problems. Most of these items can be found during exploration but you can also buy them (however, they are rather expensive).
  5. When it comes to fights with strong and problematic enemies, you should analyze their attacks and effects that they inflict on your heroes. A list of currently inflicted statuses can be found on the bottom of a unit screen. Thanks to that you can easily adapt to enemies. If, e.g. they block your heroes from using abilities then try to avoid attacking them with melee weapons and focus on ranged attacks.
  6. Usually, you can choose your reward from a few available ones after completing a quest. Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the list of currently tracked quests.

RTS elements

  1. During strategic parts, you should try to capture additional sectors as fast as possible. Also, you should focus on upgrading main buildings in your sectors. Thanks to that you can get more workers and increase your population limit which is necessary for recruiting units. When it comes to your starting sector, upgrading its main building gives you access to new buildings and units.
  2. Keep an eye on your resources. You can check resources offered by your sectors as well as their amount - open the map in the bottom left corner. Use it to plan your extraction. If one of your sectors is in danger then you can evacuate resources gathered there to another one. This allows you to avoid losing them when your enemy captures that sector.
  3. Recruit as many units as possible before you attack your enemy. Otherwise, your forces may not be enough to grant you victory, especially on higher difficulties. Remember to recruit new units after capturing an enemy sector.
  4. Secure vulnerable sectors with defense towers. They have a rather good firepower which means that they can keep enemies busy until your forces arrive. Sometimes, they can even defeat all attackers by themselves. You can also send a few workers from a main building to work in towers.
  5. Use Godstones to quickly transport your units on a battlefield. You can open portals between Godstones that you came across. This allows your heroes and units to move between them freely. One Godstone is in your starting sector and the rest is scattered throughout the entire map.
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