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SnowRunner Guide

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SnowRunner: Vehicle adaptation SnowRunner guide, tips

Last update: Tuesday, June 9, 2020

In this section of our guide to SnowRunner we present the options of vehicle customization. We present a list of options that can be installed and describe what they have impact on.

The garage in SnowRunner offers great opportunities to personalize your vehicles. In addition to the typical cosmetic changes such as color, number of lights and horn, the performance improvements of the trucks and the accessories that can be fitted are much more important. All modifications can be installed and made in the garage, in the Customize menu.

It affects the power of the vehicle, and therefore the possibility of hauling heavy loads, especially through hilly terrains - SnowRunner: Vehicle adaptation - Vehicles - SnowRunner Guide


It affects the power of the vehicle, and therefore the possibility of hauling heavy loads, especially through hilly terrains. More power results in more fuel consumption.


It allows you to mount a gearbox with more low gears (for driving in heavy terrain and through uphill routes) or typical high gears (for fast driving on asphalt roads).


Allows you to install raised suspension. This protects the engine from damage that may be caused by stones and boulders on the rough terrain and allows you to overcome deeper water obstacles. Such a vehicle, however, is more prone to tipping over when driving on a steep terrain.


Tires are one of the most important modifications in a truck. They have a measurable impact on how the vehicle will handle and behave in a particular area. When routes run through particularly muddy roads or ice, it's worth investing in special tires. Available options include:

  1. Highway
  2. All terrain
  3. Off-road
  4. Mud
  5. Chain


Allows you to mount a winch with a longer and stronger rope that can pull heavier loads. Also you can install autonomous winch. The latter does not require a running engine, so it can save us in a vehicle that has rolled over on the road.

Differential lock

The differential lock only works on lower gears. It allows the wheels to rotate at the same speed to help you get out of mud traps.

Spare wheel

Repairs a damaged wheel in a currently used truck.


A special top-mounted exhaust which emits truck fumes upwards. The better variant can allow you to overcome deeper water obstacles.


Allows you to install an all-wheel drive AWD system. You can activate it while you're driving through a difficult and rough terrain and deactivate it after you hit a highway to save more fuel.

Frame Add-ons

Frame-mounted accessories are the most diverse and versatile category. Its content depends on the car which is currently being modified, for example, the Scout type pickups have much less choice of mods than trucks. Some of them match the types of trailers we can find or buy. Available options include:

  1. Roof Rack
  2. Small Roof Rack
  3. Trunk Repair Supplies
  4. Heavy Crane
  5. Flat Bed
  6. Van Body Add-on
  7. Maintenance Frame Add-on
  8. Sideboard bed
  9. Fuel tank
  10. Loading crane
  11. Saddle high
  12. Saddle low
  13. Seismic Vibrator
1 - SnowRunner: Vehicle adaptation - Vehicles - SnowRunner Guide
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