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SnowRunner Guide

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SnowRunner: Trailers and semi-trailers SnowRunner guide, tips

Last update: Tuesday, June 9, 2020

This chapter of our guide describes the trailers and semi-trailers available in the SnowRunner. We present all the differences and their specific types.

Trailers and semi-trailers allow more cargo to be transported at once. Therefore, you may save some time. It's also a good way to make money, because many trailers are scattered on the map and can be sold after you deliver them to the trailer store. However, hauling an extra load does come with a price. The increased weight will significantly slow down many vehicles, which can be felt especially during uphill driving on a more difficult terrain. The entire set will also not be able to move through some narrower routes. Trailers and semi-trailers differ not only in size, but also in the way they are being attached to the vehicle.

The trailer saves time. - SnowRunner: Trailers and semi-trailers - Vehicles - SnowRunner Guide
The trailer saves time.


Trailers are universal and do not require any alterations. They can be attached to almost any vehicle equipped with a hook. This allows you to keep, for example, the mini crane on the truck and the rest of its current configuration. The trailer will increase its loading capacity without any modifications.


Semi-trailers are much larger, so you can carry larger loads on them at one time. Their size may make it a bit more difficult to maneuver on narrower roads. They cannot be attached or plugged to every configuration. The truck must have all frame modifications removed - instead of these parts you have to install a saddle. This is where another condition comes in, because some semi-trailers require a low saddle and others a higher one. In transport-related missions, which require you to deliver a trailer, you have all the requirements available on the screen. Saddles are available in the customize menu. They can be installed for free.

Semi-trailers require a suitable saddle. - SnowRunner: Trailers and semi-trailers - Vehicles - SnowRunner Guide
Semi-trailers require a suitable saddle.

Types of trailers

While semi-trailers are mainly suitable for transporting large loads, trailers may have a more specialized use, which generally requires you to adjust or modify the frame of individual trucks in a unique way. The list of possibilities is as follows:

  1. Flatbed
  2. Van Body Add-on
  3. Maintenance Frame Add-on
  4. Sideboard bed
  5. Fuel tank
1 - SnowRunner: Trailers and semi-trailers - Vehicles - SnowRunner Guide
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