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Sniper Elite 4 Game Guide by

Sniper Elite 4 Game Guide

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Basic information| Sniper Eliter 4 Collectibles

On this page of our guide to Sniper Elite 4 we have put together all the most important information about finding secrets and collectibles. You will learn about the types of in-game collectibles and the circumstances of finding and classifying them as earned.

In the game, there are 7 types of collectibles that are grouped on independent lists - Basic information| Sniper Eliter 4 Collectibles - Collectibles - Sniper Elite 4 Game Guide

In the game, there are 7 types of collectibles that are grouped on independent lists. Some of them (stone eagles, letters) can be located with binoculars and marked as targets. To "scan" a soldier, look at him through the binoculars and mark him, using the firing button. Then, wait until you receive detailed information about that collectible - collectibles are in the Special items category, in the nearly last position, which is why it takes a while to scan the items thoroughly. It is a good idea to mark your opponents from vantage points and remember which ones have the letters on them.

  • Last Letters - you can find this type of letters only on dead soldiers and there always are 5 of them. Locations given on the map may be slightly different from the actual ones - some guards patrol the area, or they may change their whereabouts, as a result of an alarm, a corpse found, etc.
  • Letters to/from Home - these two types of letters are both on soldiers, as well (more often) inside buildings. Most usually they are in desks and cupboards, but they can also be found in safes, but most usually they are remaining documents. Both types can be found on each map and there are 5 of each.
  • Duty Roster - these documents can only be found on corpses of officers. Nearly every second one has one. Therefore, as soon as you spot an officer, scan him and target.
  • Sniper reports- these can be found in the possession of nearly every enemy sniper. In some cases, they can be found as documents inside buildings (e.g. Magazzeno). Since snipers do not change their positions, they are easy to locate.
  • Misc documents- often, you will be collecting these without even knowing about that, because any documents connected with the main plot can be found under this entry. Many of these, not unlike letters, are kept in buildings, on pieces of furniture and often in safes.
  • Stone Eagles- these are stone figurines that you can find in locations that are often difficult to access (or inaccessible). Often, they are outside of the map. Sometimes, they are at hand's reach, but they are incorporated into the surroundings. To collect them, you simply have to fire any weapon at them. The majority of them are difficult to hit (at higher difficulty levels) mainly because of the distance.
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