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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Guide by

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Guide

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Character development Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts guide, walkthrough

Despite the fact that Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts is a first-person shooter, there is character development, popular in almost every title today, implemented in the game. The development system is relatively simple here and is based on the use of special tokens and money to increase the effectiveness of the character and unlock new gadgets. In this chapter, we explain how the character development system works, as well as highlight abilities that are worth investing in.

How to unlock new abilities

Character development is not difficult, but will allow you to adapt the character to your style of play. - Character development - Basics - Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Guide
Character development is not difficult, but will allow you to adapt the character to your style of play.

In Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts, no experience points are gained to advance to higher character levels. Instead, for the contracts and challenges you complete, as well as the collectibles you acquire, you will be given special tokens. Tokens are then used - together with money, acquired for completing tasks and from the corpses of enemy soldiers - to unlock new abilities and equipment. There are three types of tokens in the game:

  1. Contract tokens - you will acquire them for completing contracts, making them the easiest one to accumulate. They are used to unlock new weapons and gadgets.
  2. Challenge tokens - you will receive them for completing challenges in specific locations. Challenges are by far the hardest tasks in the game, but those tokens are used to unlock new abilities, making them also the most important.
  3. Tokens associated with collectibles and bounty-type missions.

To unlock new abilities, from the main menu you need to go to the Loadout tab and then to the Development. Here you can find a few dozen abilities divided between 11 categories, affecting different aspects of the gameplay. If you want to unlock an ability, you just need to click on it. If you have the required number of badges and cash, the ability will be unlocked and automatically activated.

There are, however, two limitations to abilities. First things first, they are unlocked in a specific order, one after another. It means that if you want to unlock an ability from the end of the given development path (the ability located on the right side), you will need to unlock all of the ones preceding it. Secondly, at some levels you will be offered a choice of two abilities - you can unlock both, but only one of them will remain active.

What abilities are worth unlocking?

There are dozens of abilities in the game and initially you will be able to unlock only a handful of them, which is why it is worth knowing which to pay special attention to. You should be especially interested in the following abilities:

  1. Tracker - allows you to detect mines and see their activation zones as long as the Mask Mode remains active.
  2. Scout-the Mask Mode will highlight important places, such as hidden passages, fuse boxes or weak points of vehicles.
  3. Environment Chip-increases the range of the Mask Mode up to 15 meters.
  4. Thermal Vision Plugin-allows you to activate thermal vision mode.
  5. Target Tracking Plugin-causes all enemies within 25 meters of the player to be marked when Mask Mode is activate. This is one of the most important character enhancements, as it allows you to counteract the effects of enemy jammers.
  6. Chest Rig - allows you to carry more ammunition for a sniper rifle.
  7. Extra Compartment-unlocks an extra gadget slot.
  8. Special Ammo Holster-unlocks an extra slot for special ammo for sniper rifles.
  9. Universal Camouflage-the player character is harder to detect (the enemy needs more time to locate you).
  10. Cat's Grace-significantly reduces the damage sustained from falling from heights.
  11. Sprinter-reduces the usage of stamina during sprint and while holding breath.
  12. The above abilities should be unlocked first, as they make the game much easier. It is also worth unlocking all of the abilities in the 1st and 2nd row - they do not require tokens, only cash, allowing you to easily gain access to them.
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