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Sniper Elite 5 Guide, Walkthrough by

Sniper Elite 5 Guide, Walkthrough

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Sniper Elite 5: Game length - story and 100% game completion Sniper Elite 5 guide, walkthrough

Sniper Elite 5 can be a game for a dozen or several dozen hours - our guide calculates the average length of the campaign and gives the amount of time to complete the game in 100%.

Last update: Thursday, June 23, 2022

The campaign in Sniper Elite 5 consists of 9 story missions, but there are also other gameplay modes as well, and you might want to get a platinum trophy. Our guide answers the question of how long it takes to complete Sniper Elite 5 - we have given separate times for completing story missions, completing the game 100%, and unlocking all trophies.

1 - Sniper Elite 5: Game length - story and 100% game completion - Appendix - Sniper Elite 5 Guide, Walkthrough
  1. The average time to complete the main campaign is about 15-17 hours. It consists of 8 very long missions and a short epilogue mission. You'll probably spend around two hours on each map. This is based on the assumption that you will not only focus on the main quests and that you will use stealth (consequently - being slower). Completing missions in 100% can extend the game by at least a few hours. There are 19 different secrets to find on each map, and there are also some hidden side quests.
  2. Selecting the Authentic difficulty level can significantly extend the game time. It requires you to play very slowly and carefully. There is also a higher chance to miss a shoot and you may have to reload the game after unsuccessful kill.
  3. Sniper Elite 5 includes additional modes that can provide several hours of fun. These include an Invasion mode in which you can attack other players, a multiplayer PvP mode, or a Survival mode in which you have to defend against waves of enemies.
  4. The platinum trophy in Sniper Elite 5 can be obtained in about 40-50 hours. To get it, finish the campaign on the highest difficulty level, obtain all collectibles, and play other game modes - fortunately, in which you don't have to complete 100% of the activities. You also have to get achievements related to, among others, master handling of various models of weapons. These turn out to be quite time consuming.
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