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Sniper Elite 5 Guide, Walkthrough

Sniper Elite 5 Guide, Walkthrough

Karl: The Professional Sniper Elite 5 guide, full dwalkthrough, the Begginer's Guide, tips for character development, equipment, weapons, skills and stealth. We describe all main and side missions, secrets, vehicles, trophies, system requirements.

Last update: Friday, July 1, 2022

The Sniper Elite 5 game guide will help you be a good sniper and successfully complete the story campaign. We have also included side activities, collectibles, secrets and trophies, thanks to which you will be able to complete all story missions in 100%.

Sniper Elite 5: Guide content

The most important part of this guide is a detailed walkthrough that describes the 8 main missions of the campaign and its epilogue. Each chapter of the walkthrough has been divided into smaller pages, where we separately described the main objectives of the mission, side quests and the locations of secrets. In addition, we have prepared high-quality maps of the locations visited during the game, which include, among others, places related to quests, important locations or places where you can find collectibles.

Our guide also has the basics and the FAQ chapter. There you can find, e.g. starting tips on important mechanics or combat tactics that will help you stay alive. Other pages of the guide concern, among others, developing the character and his equipment, using the best skills, or sneaking and avoiding alarms. The FAQ pages focus on, e.g. saving the game, opening safes, unlocking access to silencers, using temporary weapons or ways of destroying enemy vehicles.

The main chapters of the guide have been supplemented by a number of smaller pages, including the trophy guide with information on how to unlock 100% of the available achievements and the platinum trophy. You can also find information on system requirements, controls , accessibility options, and how long it takes to complete Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5: Quick beginner's tips

  1. Save the game as often as possible. It is easy to make a mistake in the game, e.g. to miss an important shot, alert your opponents or suddenly be targeted by a sniper you didn't notice earlier. You can and should save your game on a few slots - don't rely solely on automatic saves.
  2. Try to get weapons with silencers. Using a silencer does not completely eliminate the risk that opponents will not hear the gunshot, but it does limit it. It is still a good reason to look for temporary weapons with silencers and to install silencers on your weapons.
  3. Mask your gunshots. This can happen if you are in a noisy zone, i.e. within the range of loud sounds coming from, for example, a damaged generator or a firing cannon. Shooting from such a zone will mask the sound of the shot, even if you do not use a silencer.
  4. Mark your enemies by using the binoculars. You should use the binoculars every time you approach a new location or reach a viewpoint. You can keep track of marked opponents and learn about unique items from their inventory (e.g. access code).
  5. Use focus and radar. Focus allows you to "scan" the environment so that, for example, you can see the contours of nearby enemies. The radar will also help you locate enemies - it displays small circles symbolizing their approximate location. All of this will help you reduce the risk of being detected.
  6. Check all locations on the map. While completing a mission, you should not focus only on the main objectives, but also look for opportunities to search optional locations. This way you can find, among others, workbenches, collectibles, unique weapons, or unlock side quests.
  7. Accurately determine the bullet's flight trajectory for long shots. Firing shots at enemies a few hundred meters away is problematic - you have to take into account the strength of the wind and the bullet drop. All difficulty levels, except Authentic, have a red crosshair thanks to which you will be able to make adjustments before firing a shot.
  8. Use additional equipment. The most important element of the hero's equipment is his sniper rifle, but do not ignore the rest of his gear. You can also use, among others, a pistol (with a silencer), bottles for distraction, grenades, mines and explosives to eliminate vehicles and groups of enemies.

More tips on a separate page: Beginner's guide.

Sniper Elite 5: All missions, walkthrough

Our walkthrough of Sniper Elite 5 describes all 9 campaign missions (8 main and epilogue). We have divided the walkthrough for each stage into smaller pages that focus on the main and side objectives of the mission. On separate pages, you will also find high-quality maps with important locations, secrets and collectibles.

Mission 1 - The Atlantic Wall

  1. Map of mission 1 and description of location - This page contains the map of Colline Sur Mer from mission 1. We marked important places on it (incl. radar, resistance hideout, enemy structures) as well as the locations of secrets and collectibles.
  2. Securing the beach and helping the resistance movement - You will learn how to destroy the floodlights, how to safely cross the beach and how to save a friend from the resistance.
  3. Disarming the radar - Our walkthrough describes the 2 main methods of destroying the radar - using explosives or sabotaging the power supply.
  4. Retrieving resistance intel - You will learn where the resistance hideout is, how to properly infiltrate it and where to find the safe with intelligence data.
  5. Meeting with Charlie and evacuating - Our walkthrough explains where the mission ends by default and how to safely reach the evacuation zone.
  6. Side quests - This page describes 3 side quests related to destroying fortifications on the shore, artillery and anti-air defense.
  7. Kill List Target - Steffen Beckendorf - You will learn where Steffen Beckendorf is, and how to kill him with an explosion to unlock a bonus weapon.

Mission 2 - Occupied Residence

  1. Map of mission 2 and description of the location - This page has the map of the Chateau along with the adjacent areas from mission 2. We marked important places on it (incl. 3 different paths leading to the Chateau) as well as the locations of secrets and collectibles.
  2. Infiltrating chateau - Our walkthrough shows how to get to the Chateau, how to properly infiltrate the main mission building and where to find the office.
  3. Entering the office and finding Moller's secrets - We included 3 methods of reaching Moller's office. You will also learn how to unlock a secret room.
  4. Evacuation - You will learn how to get to the evacuation zone without being detected by snipers and other enemies.
  5. Retrieving stole antiques - This page describes the only side quest which is about finding and recovering 3 stolen antiques.
  6. Kill List Target - Friedrich Kummler - Learn where Friedrich Kummler is in the Chateau, and how to get a bonus weapon by killing him with a chandelier.

Mission 3 - Spy Academy

  1. Map of mission 3 and location description - This page has the map of Beaumont-Saint-Denis. It includes, among others, dangerous locations with snipers, main areas related to mission objectives and places where you can find secrets and collectibles.
  2. Determining the meeting place - Our walkthrough tells you how to get to the upper levels of the fort, how to avoid enemy snipers in the area, and how to find out about the meeting location.
  3. Eavesdropping on the meeting and obtaining data on Kraken - You will learn how to sneak near the meeting point at the top of the cathedral, how to eavesdrop on the meeting without being noticed and how to obtain intel.
  4. Stopping the Spy Training - side quest - On this page we have discussed the only side mission in which you will have to kill the officer responsible for training your opponents.
  5. Evacuation - You will learn how to safely get out of the fort and reach the boat moored on the outskirts of the map.
  6. Kill List Target - Fabian Richter - Our walkthrough explains where the target of the mission is and how to kill Fabian Richter by performing a takedown (obtaining a bonus weapon).

Mission 4 - War Factory

  1. Map of mission 4 and location description - We have prepared a high-quality map of the Martressac factory. It shows all the most important factory buildings related to the various main and optional mission objectives. It also shows the locations of secrets and collectibles.
  2. Infiltration and exploration of the factory - We have prepared tips on how to get to the factory (all 3 main paths) and how to act while searching it (e.g. avoiding or destroying the armored vehicle).
  3. Factory sabotaging - On one common page, we've outlined all of the main mission objectives that involve destroying the refinery and the furnace, as well as finding the Kraken's cargo manifest. You will have to visit various buildings on the map.
  4. Side quests - On this page, we have discussed 2 available side quests in which the hero has to destroy the steelworks and the generator.
  5. Kill List Target - Matthaus Ehrlich - Our walkthrough tells you where the target of the mission is and how to murder Matthaus Ehrlich using a rat bomb (the reward for completing the challenge is a unique weapon).

Mission 5 - Festung Guernsey

  1. Map of mission 5 and location description - This page contains the map of Guernsey. We have marked various German fortifications and other important locations on it. Apart from that, you will learn about the location of secrets and collectibles.
  2. Finding the Stealth Plates - The Stealth Plates are the main objective of the mission and finding them is related to the infiltration of two locations on the island - the underground hospital and the Hidden Facility.
  3. Destroying the Kraken prototype - You have to destroy the submarine in the secret facility. Our walkthrough covers all 3 ways to do it.
  4. Neutralizing the Mirus battery - This is the main objective of the mission in the northern part of Guernsey. In the walkthrough, we presented 3 ways to sabotage the battery.
  5. Side quests - This page contains walkthroughs for 2 side quests that involve stopping the construction of the second Mirus battery and disrupting radio communication.
  6. Kill List Target - Lanzo Baumann - Our walkthrough tells you where exactly Lanzo Baumann is and how to kill him by burying him in concrete.

Mission 6 - Liberation

  1. Map of mission 6 and location description - On this page, you will find the map of Desponts Sur Douve with several towns and roads connecting them. We inform about the most important locations on the map, as well as places where you can find collectibles and secrets.
  2. Liberation of the southern town - During this main objective, you have to neutralize the Nazi fortifications by, e.g. destroying an armored car.
  3. Securing the crossing - We have described 2 available paths. The western path runs through the town and involves eliminating 3 snipers, and the eastern path runs across the bridge and requires you to defuse the bombs.
  4. Liberation of the northern town - In the northern part of the map, you must first destroy the barricade and then destroy the enemy Tiger tank, which is more durable than other tanks.
  5. Side missions - Our walkthrough for mission 6 includes all 3 side missions concerning e.g. finding a radio operator and destroying anti-aircraft guns.
  6. Kill List Target - Jaan Trautmann - Learn how to sneak into the mansion of the mission target in the western part of the map, as well as how to kill Jaan Trautmann with poison.

Mission 7 - Secret Weapon

  1. Map of mission 7 and location description - In our guide, you will find a map of Massif Central with important enemy buildings for research and V2 rockets tests marked on it. In addition, the map shows the locations of secrets and collectibles.
  2. Bypass the checkpoints - The checkpoints separate the northern and southern parts of the map. Our guide explains why the outposts are dangerous and lists alternate paths to the northern constructions and main mission objectives.
  3. Sabotaging the V2 rocket installation - you must complete the main objectives regarding the V2 rockets production and testing. You can complete them in different areas in the northern part of the map.
  4. Infiltrating the Dome - The Dome is the largest building on the map, found in its northern part. Our walkthrough explains how to infiltrate the Dome and find info on Operation Kraken.
  5. Side missions - There are three side objectives in mission 7, all of them described here. You'll learn how to obtain intel about supply lines, investigate the Weapons Lab and destroy the castle radio tower.
  6. Kill List Target - Christian Jungers - our walkthrough explains where to find Christian Jungers and how to kill him by dropping the V2 rocket onto him (optional challenge).

Mission 8 - Rubble and Ruin

  1. Map of mission 8 and location description - Our guide contains a map of the ruined Saint Nazaire, which shows important locations in the city and the U-boat base. We have marked the locations of secrets and collectibles on the map.
  2. Infiltrate the U-boat base - This is the main objective of the mission, which forces you to locate a secret passage through the sewers to get to the seemingly inaccessible submarine base.
  3. Destroy U-boats and Kraken - You have to destroy submarines in the base - first you have to sabotage 3 smaller U-boats and then destroy the Kraken.
  4. Side quest - In mission 8, there is only 1 side quest to complete. You have to disrupt radio communication by sabotaging it near the church.
  5. Kill List Target - Shinji Yoshikawa - Our walkthrough explains where to find Shinji, as well as how to shoot Yoshikawa with the appropriate weapon (Type 100 or Type 14 Nambu) for the optional challenge.

Mission 9 (epilogue) - Unfinished business

  1. Kill Abelard Moller - Our walkthrough describes the only goal of the final stage of the campaign - shooting Moller. You will learn where the main antagonist is and how to eliminate him in the easiest way. We also inform about the game's ending.

Sniper Elite 5: Secrets and collectibles

Below you will find a list of the secrets and collectibles. We have divided their descriptions according to the missions in which they are found - 19 secrets for each stage and a total of 152 collectibles.

  1. Mission 1 (The Atlantic Wall) - You can find 6 Personal Letters, 4 Classified Documents, 3 Hidden Items, 3 shooting targets (Stone Eagles) and 3 Workbenches.
  2. Mission 2 (Occupied Residence) - You can find 4 Personal Letters, 6 Classified Documents, 3 Hidden Items, 3 shooting targets (Stone Eagles) and 3 Workbenches.
  3. Mission 3 (Spy Academy) - You can find 5 Personal Letters, 5 Classified Documents, 3 Hidden Items, 3 shooting targets (Stone Eagles) and 3 Workbenches.
  4. Mission 4 (War Factory) - You can find 6 Personal Letters, 4 Classified Documents, 3 Hidden Items, 3 shooting targets (Stone Eagles) and 3 Workbenches.
  5. Mission 5 (Festung Guernsey) - You can find 5 Personal Letters, 5 Classified Documents, 3 Hidden Items, 3 shooting targets (Stone Eagles) and 3 Workbenches.
  6. Mission 6 (Liberation) - You can find 5 Personal Letters, 5 Classified Documents, 3 Hidden Items, 3 Dead-eye Targets (Stone Eagle) and 3 Workbenches.
  7. Mission 7 (Secret Weapon) - You can find 5 Personal Letters, 5 Classified Documents, 3 Hidden Items, 3 Dead-eye Targets (Stone Eagle) and 3 Workbenches.
  8. Mission 8 (Rubble and Ruin) - You can find 5 Personal Letters, 5 Classified Documents, 3 Hidden Items, 3 Dead-eye Targets (Stone Eagle) and 3 Workbenches.

Sniper Elite 5: Basics

The guide to Sniper Elite 5 and the chapter with answers to frequently asked questions will help you understand the most important gameplay mechanics, as well as solve potential problems.


  1. Difficulty levels - We have described the 4 difficulty levels. You will also find information about the difference between the Authentic mode (the highest difficulty level) and the others.
  2. Character progression and equipment - Learn, among others, how to level up and gain skill points, how to get and modify new equipment, and what are workbenches.
  3. Best skills - This page contains recommendations of the best skills from the Combat, Equipment and Body trees.
  4. Sneaking - We have prepared advice on, e.g. how to avoid detection by enemies, how to scout the area, how to mask the gunshots, how to perform takedowns or how to distract enemies.

Sniper Elite 5: FAQ

  1. Saving - how to save? - You can find out how to save the game manually and automatically, and how to protect yourself from making mistakes.
  2. Safes - how to open? - We described two ways of opening safes: with using explosives or finding the right combination.
  3. Silenced weapons - how to get? - We write when you can unlock the first permanent and temporary weapons equipped with silencers.
  4. Temporary weapons - can you keep them? - On this page, you will learn whether you can keep temporary weapons.
  5. XP - how to level up fast? - We have described a few ways of acquiring large amounts of experience points, thanks to which you will level up faster and gain skill points.
  6. Bolt cutters and crowbar - where to use? - On this page, we have described the 2 most frequently used gadgets - Bolt Cutters and Crowbar. You will learn about their main uses in the game (e.g. unlocking passages or opening containers).

Sniper Elite 5: Trophies and platinum

Sniper Elite 5 has 62 achievements to unlock. If you are playing on PS4 or PS5 consoles, you will be able to unlock the platinum trophy. Our trophy guide has an overview of all available achievements, thanks to which you will be able to unlock 100% of them.

Sniper Elite 5: Game's length

It is hard to give an estimated play time for Sniper Elite 5 because a lot depends on the play style. You can try to complete the next missions quickly and finish the game in about 10-12 hours, or you can carefully explore the open maps, spending up to several dozen hours with the game. The play time can also be extended by co-operation, Invasion mode, and multiplayer.

For more information on the different play styles and the game's content, check out the Game's length page.

Sniper Elite 5: Minimum PC system requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 10/11 64-bits
  2. Processor: Intel Core i3-8100
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics card: GeForce GTX 970 4 GB
  5. Disk space: around 85 GB

More information about the minimum and recommended requirements, as well as the game's performance on PS5, can be found on a separate page - System requirements.

Sniper Elite 5: Language versions

Sniper Elite 5 has English dubbing. English dubbing is set to default. A complete list of available language versions is available on a separate page of the guide: Language versions.

About Sniper Elite 5 Guide, Walkthrough

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : May 23, 2022

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Sniper Elite 5 Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Rebellion
  • publisher: Rebellion
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, PS5, XSX

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