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Silent Hill: Homecoming Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Silent Hill: Homecoming Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Additional Info - Items locations | Additional Info SH: Homecoming Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016




Child's Drawing


Town Hall (right corridor).

Alchemilla Hospital - Otherworld, 3rd floor - corridor east to Linen Room.

Alchemilla Hospital - corridor east to Nurse Center


Grand Hotel (Room 408).

Town Hall (main room)

Alchemilla Hospital - Otherworld - stairs east to Operation Theatre.


Dr Fitch's Office (examination room).

Shepherd's Den - park.

Alchemilla Hospital - Otherworld - Room 203


Dr Fitch's Office - Otherworld (the room with ventilators puzzle).

Shepherd's House - back yard.

Alchemilla Hospital - Otherworld - corridor to the north of Nurse Center (after handing Robbi to Josh)


Rose Heights Cemetery (mausoleum in Founder's Garden).

Grand Hotel - 3rd floor (door to Room 306).

Alchemilla Hospital - the other side - door to room 206


Silent Hill (on the bench near Alchemilla Hospital).

Jail - office room.

Shepherd's Den - playground


Overlook Penitentiary (cell A15 - north-east area of the second floor)

Sewers - small corridor east from the Main Drain Chamber.

Shepherds home backyard


Lair (Room 301).

Dr Fitch's Office - child's room.

Main Street in Shepherd's Den, on the billboard, after meeting Elle



Main Street in Shepherd's Den - near the billboard after taking Ceremonial Dagger.

Grand Hotel - behind the wardrobe in room 504



Shepherd House - attic.

Town Hall - In the room behind the nailed hut passage



Church - in bowl in East Wing.

Dr Fitch's Office - the other side, on the platform where the Smog is.



Dr Fitch's Office - the other side, behind one of the fans which starts working after you go through



Rose Heights Cemetery, Founders Garden, inside the mausoleum, after getting Ceremonial Dagger.



Shepherd's House - the other side, room adjacent to Joshua's, the place where you get Butcher's Knife.



Silent Hill -Bait Shop backyard (Sagan Street).



Overlook Penitentiary - Upper Guard Room , just after freeing Wheeler.



Last room in the church, before going to the mine (where your father dies)



Lair - cultist's hideout, south of room 211

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