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Sid Meier's Civilization V - Brave New World Game Guide

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Social Policies | Ideologies Civilization V - Brave New World Guide

New Social Policies trees - Social Policies - Sid Meiers Civilization V - New Brave World - Game Guide and Walkthrough
New Social Policies trees

The new expansion pack gets rid of three old social policy trees that included elements that can now be found in Ideologies. One of these places, in the social policies view has been replaced with the Ideology view, and in the other two, there are two trees of policy now: Aesthetics and Exploration.


This tree allows considerable increase in the cultural efficiency of the State. Thanks to it, you will learn new social policies faster. Requires Classical Era.

Accepting this branch increases, automatically, the speed of creating Great Writers, Musicians and Artists by 25%, and also unlocks the Uffizi building (after the discovery of Architecture). After you accept all of the elements (i.e. after you spend 6 points,) you receive a bonus of doubling the bonus for Motifs of all buildings that generate tourism and you can by Great Artists for piety, beginning with the Industrial Era.

Elements of the tree:

  • Cultural Centers - doubles the speed of building Monuments, Amphitheaters, Opera houses, Museums and Broadcast Towers.
  • Fine Arts - 50% surplus of happiness adds every turn to your culture (which increases its growth rate).
  • Artistic Genius - a Great Artist appears straight away.
  • The flourishing arts - in the cities that built a world wonder, culture grows by 33% and the empire enters the Golden Era (10 turns).
  • Ethics- decreases the cost of Policies by 10%.


The Exploration tree may be found useful with empires with coastal cities. Thanks to this, the efficiency of such cities will grow considerably. Requires the Middle Ages.

After you assume this branch, your units will automatically gain one point of movement and your military vessels will receive an additional hexagon to their range of vision. You will also unlock the Louvre (after the discovery of Archeology). Once you have assumed all policies from this tree, you will see the hidden relics of the past on the world map (which will provide you with an advantage in the artifacts) and also you will be able to buy Great Admirals for piety, starting with the Industrial Era.

Elements of the tree:

  • Maritime Infrastructure- +3 production in all coastal cities.
  • Naval Tradition- +1 happiness with each Lighthouse, Port and Pier.
  • Merchant marine - +1 gold for each Lighthouse, Port and Pier.
  • Navigation School - the Great Admiral appears in the capital city. Admirals gain +2 to movement, and they appear 25% faster.
  • Treasure Fleets - +4 gold from all international see trade routes.

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