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Sid Meier's Civilization VI Game Guide by

Sid Meier's Civilization VI Game Guide

Table of Contents

Civilization 6: Brazil - Pedro II, nation overview, tips Civilization VI Game Guide

Last update: Monday, March 14, 2022

In this chapter of Civilization 6 game guide you will find useful information about Brazil. Here, you will learn what sets Brazil apart from other nations in Civilization VI and what is their greatest strength. Also, here you will find useful information about the easiest types of victory that Brazil can achieve.

Nation description - Brazilian

Name - Civilization 6: Brazil - Pedro II, nation overview, tips - Nations - Sid Meiers Civilization VI Game Guide




Rainforest tiles provide +1 adjacency bonus for campus, commercial hub, theatre square and holy site districts. Additionally, provide +1 to housing for adjacent neighborhood.

Without a doubt, this ability has a huge potential but remember, that the terrain is created randomly so there may be a situation where you won't be able to use its full potential. It all depends on how players are placed on a map and the availability of rainforests. Under any circumstances do not remove the forest until you have a complete development plan for your districts. These bonuses are really attractive and, depending on tiles, you can get bonuses from adjacent forests and district bonuses at the same time. If you can leave few adjacent tiles with forest in a straight line so you can build around them.




After recruiting a Great Person or patronizing them 20% of its Great Person points are refunded.

This ability gives you an upper hand when it comes to recruiting Great People. Getting a small refund is advantageous but in Brazil's case you get 1/5 of the points that can be spend on new contracts. Going back to the previous ability you can notice that Brazil can achieve various victories and it is up to you to use its potential that suits your play style. When it comes to Great People you should mainly focus on Great Scientists, Prophets and Artists.


From all of the ways that you can win a scenario domination is the one that is the most difficult for Brazil. It doesn't mean that you can't achieve this type of victory but, when compared to other nations, it is more difficult than other types. Remember about the Great People points and you will quickly get help in those disciplines that are important to you. Explore nearby terrains in search of rainforests and don't remove those tiles unless you are absolutely sure that those tiles weren't useful for you. When planning on the placement of your districts near rainforests don't forget about the adjacent bonuses granted by districts.

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