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Sid Meier's Civilization VI Game Guide by

Sid Meier's Civilization VI Game Guide

Table of Contents

Civilization 6: Commercial Hub - bonuses, buildings Civilization VI Game Guide

Last update: Wednesday, March 16, 2022

This chapter of Civilization VI game guide is dedicated to commercial hub. Here, you will find important information about said district in Civ 6 and tips that will allow you to use its full potential.

Domestic Trade - Civilization 6: Commercial Hub - bonuses, buildings - Infrastructure - Sid Meiers Civilization VI Game Guide


Domestic Trade

+1 to production

International Trade

+3 to Gold

Citizen yields

+4 to Gold per citizen

Gold bonus for adjacent

+2 per each river tile

+1 per each harbor or Royal Navy Dockyard tile

+1 per 2 district tiles


+1 Great Merchant point per turn

Owning a commercial hub and using its assets in both domestic and international trade allows you to greatly improve your production. Of course when it comes to domestic trade the profits are not that big but a commercial hub is a good addition for bonuses offered by other parts of the city. Take a look at gold bonus that you get for each city citizen if you will build this district. You can easily notice that with increasing population and building this district as soon as possible you will be able to afford a lot of expenses directly from city's funds. This will allow you to safe resources for developing your settlement at later time. Also, have in mind that commercial hub gives the biggest profits in cities that are located on a shore or have a very good access to fresh water. Use a river-bed so that this district will be in the best location or, if you decided to build your city on a shore, remember to surround it by other districts, especially by harbor.






105 production points

+3 to Gold

+1 citizen slot

+1 Great Merchant point


265 production points

+5 to Gold

+1 citizen slot

+1 Great Merchant point

Stock Exchange

355 production points

+7 to science

+1 citizen slot

+1 Great Merchant point

Notice that, unlike other buildings, the ones from commercial hub don't have any maintenance costs. During your play you should try to spend your resources on building in that district having in mind that the bonuses in the table above add up. Although, at any stage of a scenario, constructing this buildings is difficult from logistic point of view because they don't give you any direct income, which is required for any type of victory, additional income is very useful. In some cases you can even be forced to develop your infrastructure because otherwise your city won't advance at the right pace. The buildings listed above along with a good placement of your district and the profits that comes from it can be a very good financial source which can be multiplied if you win a Great Merchant race.

Project - Commercial Hub Investment

Gives you a lot of gold and Great Merchant points.

It is another time project that you can use when you don't have better alternatives for getting a desired profit in any of the disciplines. It is useful when you need gold or you are really close in getting a Great Merchant and want to secure your victory. After finishing the development of the district it can be your only hope in difficult times but don't be afraid and use it when you are in need. Gold can solve many of your problems, can help you to make up for your loses a fixes many problems.

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