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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Walkthrough by

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Walkthrough

Table of Contents
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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened: List of all chapters, walkthrough Sherlock Holmes The Awakened walkthrough

In our Sherlock Holmes The Awakened guide you will find a list of all chapters in the game. Walkthrough of each location will allow you to find every piece of evidence and complete all investigations.

Last update: Friday, April 14, 2023

On this page of the Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Remake gudie you can find a list of all Chapters. This will help you quickly reach the part of the walkthrough that you're interested in - our solution is divided according to the visited locations and questions in Mind Palace. We will lead you step-by-step through every phase of the investigation and help you in locating and gathering all possible clues and evidence. Moreover, you'll receive tips on observation sections, creating character profiles and confronting suspects.

Chapter 1 Baker Street

  1. 221B Baker Street - chapter 1 begins in Holmes' apartment. From our walkthrough, you will learn how to search the table in the apartment and the dustbin in front of the house. We explain how to solve the puzzle in the Mind Palace: Who ruined The Strand?.
  2. Barnes' Bookstore - this walkthrough explains how to find the bookstore and how to make observations of Mr. Barnes and Mrs. Flemming. After conducting the investigation in the bookstore and outside the flower shop, Sherlock has to present gathered evidence during the conversation with Mrs. Flemming. The final part of this page shows the answer to the related Mind Palace question: Why is Barnes acting so strangely?.
  3. Stenwick's Manor - the final part of chapter 1 requires you to search the shed at Captain Stenwick's Manor. Our walkthrough explains how to find all the evidence in Kimihia's kidnapping case, how to unlock all the scenes in imagination mode and recreate the events in the garden. We tell you how to get the key to the gate in the garden and how to find the answers to the questions in the Mind Palace: What are the notable features of the abductor? and Where does Kimihia's trail lead?.

Chapter 2 Port of London

  1. Port of London - in chapter 2, you will have to create a character profile of the barmaid in the Cursed Mermaid pub. The walkthrough will help you find Roy Solsby in Pier Three and the foreigner's house, where you will meet a Nepalese man. We explain what evidence to present and how to confront the barmaid and Roy Solsby. The final part of this section involves getting access to the warehouse and solving Mind Palace questions (Who abducted Kimihia? and Where is Kimihia?)
  2. Visions of Sherlock Holmes - in this next section, you can find a walkthrough for the Sherlock's vision in the warehouse and how to get past every door in the abyss. We show step-by-step how to find the stones needed to leave the abyss.
  3. Warehouse Cellars - at the end of Chapter 2, you'll explore the cellars of the warehouse, where you'll find an altar with a sacrificed man. Our walkthrough shows where to find all of the clues and how to correctly set the scenes in Imagination Mode. We suggest how to answer the questions in the Mind Palace: Who is the dead man on the altar? And Where have the abducted been sent to?

Chapter 3 Edelweiss Institute

  1. Edelweiss Institute - Chapter 3 sees Sherlock enter and stay (voluntarily) at a psychiatric hospital. You'll have to explore Block A and Block B of this facility. We supply the answers to the Mind Palace question appearing in this phase - How to safely remove the Block B guard?
  2. Block B - in the further part of the Institute, you'll encounter a girl named Gerda. This part of the walkthrough shows what to look for in Restricted Area and how to fix Gerda's doll, Heidi. You will also learn how to recreate all scenes in Imagination Mode and how to find Hell's Door. Visit the walkthrough for tips regarding the confrontation with Heidi. In the Mind Palace, answer the questions: How to get the key to Hell's Door? and How to get to Watson for help?.
  3. Watson - in this part of chapter 3, you will play as Watson. You must explore the guest room, the administration, the kitchen and the office of Director Gygax at the Edelweiss Institute. We explain how to conduct an observation on patient Wolff. We solve the puzzles in the Mind Palace: Why does Gygax care about Wolff? and How to lure Gygax out of her office?. The walkthrough explains how to get into Gygax's office and how to search the desk and get the key for Holmes.
  4. Hell's Door - after opening the Hell's Door, you will search the last rooms in the Eldelweiss Institute. From our guide you will learn how to get out of the psychiatric hospital and find out the answer to the last question in the Mind Palace: Where does the evidence lead next?.

Chapter 4 New Orleans

  1. New Orleans - in chapter 4, you will have to get to a bank in New Orleans. Our guide explains how to find Frank Barnaby and Champagne. As always, there is an associated Mind Palace question - we supply the solution.

Chapter 5 Arneson's Mansion

  1. Arneson's Mansion Garden - this walkthrough explains how to enter the stables of Arneson's Mansion. We will guide you step by step through the investigation in the garden.
  2. Arneson's Mansion - here you will learn how to unlock all scenes in imagination mode and how to open the door with the horse symbol and the one with the bell symbol. Our tips will help you open the lock in the painting and find the code to the safe and Arneson's signet ring.

Chapter 6 The Swamp

  1. The Swamp - on this page, you will read how to cross the swamp by boat and how to avoid alligators. We explain how to unlock scenes in imagination mode on the island and how to find the key to the cave.
  2. The Cave - after entering the cave, Sherlock receives another vision. Our walkthrough will help you with locating all of the clues, how to solve related Mind Palace question and finally how to leave the cave.

Chapter 7 London

  1. London - after returning to London in chapter 7, you will have to read Ashmat's message. To do this, head to Barnes' Bookshop. Our guide will help you with finding the final clues and how to solve a side investigation received from Sherlock's brother (The Lone Watcher).

Chapter 8 Ardnamurchan Point

  1. Ardnamurchan Point - here you will read how to enter the lighthouse in the last chapter of the game. We explain how to solve the puzzle in the underground and how to search the lighthouse. At the end of the page, we explain step by step how to position the beams and destroy the lenses to stop the ritual.
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