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Shadowrun Returns Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Shadowrun Returns Game Guide & Walkthrough

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Table of Contents

The Emerald City Ripper | Walkthrough Shadowrun Returns Guide


The last level with the first real fight with a boss and in the same time one of the most difficult in the game.

1 - The Emerald City Ripper - Walkthrough - Shadowrun Returns - Game Guide and Walkthrough

1. Curtain - The fight begins behind it.

2. Dr. Holmes office - Quest: The Emerald City Ripper (Main quest).

3. Desk - You find here Personafix Chip Wiper.

4. Male Bunraku (NPC) - You can restore his memory using the chip.

Red dots - Enemies.


The Emerald City Ripper

Main quest.

Fight arena - The Emerald City Ripper - Walkthrough - Shadowrun Returns - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Fight arena

Objective: 1. Defeat Dr. Holmes. 2. Defeat Pitezel.

The right moment comes. After a long search, you'll finally get to deal with Sam's killer. Prepare yourself, strengthen your characters and reload weapons. The upcoming fight is not the most pleasant one.

Send all your characters behind crates in front of the entrance. The first opponents are Hired Mage and Surgeon. Unfortunately, almost at the start, Pitezel (sweet minion of the Doctor) also appears in the arena. He can deal much amount of damage in a close range, since his hits are area attacks. In addition they damage your armor. Use the skill and items you have to slow him down and weaken him. In the meantime order one of your characters to deal with Hired Mage. For now ignore the Surgeon. It is possible that he could be killed by Pitezel, who sometimes gets mad.

That's not end of the bad news - after two rounds Dr. Holmes also joins the fight. He is a mage and he is a good one. But first try to deal with Pitezel. Use on him Weaken Armor II, Cavalier Concussion Grenade or another spell, which can weaken/eliminate him for at least two rounds. Then use the most powerful stuff you have, like explosive, drones or strong offensive spells like Fireball I. You should eliminate him in 2-3 rounds. Keep controlling the health of your companions. Do not let the health bar decrease drastically.

Once you are sure that no one can kill you in a close combat, focus on Dr. Holmes (and a Hired Mage if he is still alive). The mage has few annoying buffs, but the real problem is Dr. Holmes. Send one of your characters to deal with Hired Mage, and use the rest against the Doctor. If you have any spells which decreases AP, like Lightning Bolt II or Stunbolt II - use it now. Thanks to that you'll be able to block some of his spells. He uses mostly Acid Stream, which deals damage every round, but also an area spell with Stun effect, which decreases everyone's AP with 1. But his weakness, as for all mages, is low HP.

With the above tips and smart using of your arsenal, the fight should be over soon. Once the last shot knocks the Doctor to the ground and finishes the fight, go to him and start the conversation.

Reward: 8 KP.

Operating or torture table? - The Emerald City Ripper - Walkthrough - Shadowrun Returns - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Operating or torture table?

Objective: 1. Locate an Exit. 2. Investigate Holmes' Motives.

After puzzling Holmes last words, you'll get another quest. At first, examine the operating table, located next to the gate where Dr. Holmes came from. Check all options until you get a familiar name and 4500 nuyen. Now move away from the table and go through the main gate located nearby. In the second room you'll encounter two Bunraku - effects of Dr. Holmes hard work. Talk to Male Bunraku. Finally go to the desk and pick up Personafix Chip Wiper. Now you have two options: you can keep the chip or use in on Male Bunraku to erase the preset memory and restore his old personality. Make decision and then go through the last door to leave this depressing place.

Reward: None.

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