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Sekiro Guide and Walkthrough by

Sekiro Guide and Walkthrough

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How long does it take to finish Sekiro? Sekiro guide, walkthrough

This page of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will answer the question how long does it take to complete the game. The amount of time it takes to complete Sekiro mainly depends on how well we deal with enemies and bosses.

  1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a souls-like game, which means that it may cause a lot of problems for the player during a playthrough, making it hard to determine how long will the game last. Sekiro offers a quite extensive and large game world. The story of Sekiro should offer about 30 hours of playtime. For the average player, however, completing the game may take much longer. Moreover, the game contains several endings, which may lengthen or shorten our playtime depending on the path which we've chosen for the current playthrough.
  2. In Sekiro, main story is not all there is - there are many side quests to complete. Moreover, studying the world of the game and reaching various hidden side bosses will take up additional time. Completing all storyline and side quests should take up about 40 hours. Of course, the game may take up much longer.
  3. Players wishing to unlock all trophies in Sekiro will spend around 65 - 70 hours in game. It should be mentioned that one of the requirements for the platinum trophy is completing the game more than once, in order to see all endings.
  4. Sekiro is also a good title for speed running. If you don't care about the ending, you can complete the game in hour and a half, while defeating all bosses will take only about 10 hours. The game only offers single player modes, which means that the length of the game depends only on the player.
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