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Sekiro Guide and Walkthrough by

Sekiro Guide and Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Headless (underwater) #1 | Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Fight Sekiro guide, walkthrough

One of the Headless is in the water body in Ashina Castle. This is one of the most dangerous enemies in the game and they are found in numerous locations in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Read this page to learn more about this fight, the location of the enemy, and the reward you get by defeating this Headless.

Where can I find the underwater Headless?

Location: Ashina Castle

Rewards: Prayer Bead, Ungo's Spiritfall - this item reduces the amount of physical damage you receive; consumes 3 Spirit Emblems; unlimited number of uses.

The pond behind the castle. - Headless (underwater) #1 | Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Fight - Bosses - Sekiro Guide and Walkthrough
The pond behind the castle.

This Headless enemy is located in the pond behind Ashina Castle. To face him, you need to learn how to dive - you can acquire this skill by defeating Corrupted Monk boss later in the game and complete Ashina Depths region.

The underwater Headless. - Headless (underwater) #1 | Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Fight - Bosses - Sekiro Guide and Walkthrough
The underwater Headless.

How to defeat the underwater Headless?

You don't have to wait with facing this underwater Headless - you can fight with this enemy even when you don't have a lot of health nor good prosthetic tool upgrades. The fight takes place under the water, meaning that you won't be able to use Combat Arts, the majority of the items, and the prosthetic tools. This Headless is also limited by the environment - this fight is easy and rewarding.

This Headless uses basic attacks - Headless (underwater) #1 | Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Fight - Bosses - Sekiro Guide and Walkthrough

This Headless uses basic attacks:

  1. a slash (very slow),
  2. a slash with a shockwave - serves as a ranged attack,
  3. a special attack where the enemy pulls water from the area around him,
  4. shoots projectiles sporadically - they increase the Terror meter upon hit.

The best strategy is to be mobile - use the dodge to move towards and away from the enemy after you slash the Headless once. The safest number of slashes is 2-3. While under the water, you can use healing and Terror-reducing items like Pacifying Agent or Molted Purple Gourd.

Don't let the Terror bar to get full - if you do, Wolf will die.

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