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Sekiro Guide and Walkthrough by

Sekiro Guide and Walkthrough

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Sekiro game-saving - can you save the game at all times? Sekiro guide, walkthrough

In this section of the guide for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, we will tell you whether the game allows creating manual saves, as well as where in the game is your progress saved.

No, you cannot save the state of the game at any given time - Sekiro game-saving - can you save the game at all times? - FAQ - Sekiro Guide and Walkthrough

No, you cannot save the state of the game at any given time. Saving in Sekiro mostly happens automatically, without the intervention from the player:

  1. The game constantly creates quick autosaves, which is signaled by the small blue icon that appears in the upper right corner of the screen (next to the XP indicator). The game is saved, for example, after killing an enemy or collecting new loot. If you decide to leave the game, all previous progress should be saved (XP, items, etc.).
  2. The Sculptor's Idols play a vital role here (example on the screen above), which you can find during exploration. The principles are identical to the bonfires from Dark Souls. After dying or restarting the game, you will resume at the most recently visited statue. It should be noted that in case of death of the protagonist, or after resting, the opponents you'd killed will be respawned around the game world (except for bosses). You can bypass them during repeated encounters, or fight them again to get more XP and loot.
  3. Sekiro does not allow saving on multiple slots during the same playthrough. However, if you want, you can start a new single game without deleting the previous progress. Simply go to the main menu, select "Load" and then choose the record that you want to continue.
  4. The death in Sekiro means loss of XP and gold, as well as increases the risk of developing the Dragonrot disease. There's no way to prevent these negative outcomes. The only exception is if you want to cheat the game by manipulating the saves. Once you successfully get to one of the statues of the sculptor, you can turn off the game and copy the save files to a repository folder. This will let you get back to the fragment of the game that would have been inaccessible otherwise - if anything bad happens. This will not work on Xbox One, which does not allow tampering with game state records.

the game recommends returning to the main menu after each session. Progress should be saved even if you quit to desktop, though. This may not work, however, if the game is suddenly turned off while creating an autosave (blue icon in the corner of the screen).

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