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Secret Neighbor Guide by

Secret Neighbor Guide

Table of Contents

Interface | Secret Neighbor Secret Neighbor guide, tips

In this section, you will learn more about the interface of the game. Secret Neighbor doesn't offer any tutorial explaining the different aspects of the game - this section will help you during your first moments with the game! The guide for Secret Neighbor will help you get better in combat with other players!

The interface of the game is very clear and convenient for beginners. - Interface | Secret Neighbor - Basics - Secret Neighbor Guide
The interface of the game is very clear and convenient for beginners.

1. Character class and health bar

In the bottom left corner of the screen you will find your character and the current state of health. In this case, you are playing as a child - if your health bar goes down to zero, you'll be knocked down and will need help from other players. As a neighbor, you just "die" and respawn immediately but away from the children.

2. Skills

You can view your skills right next to your character portrait. In this case, you're a Leader - you can press Q to inspire your allies and give them additional movement speed. The second ability (icon with red) is a skill that can be used under certain conditions - in this case, you need to inspire (first ability) 25 children

3. Equipment

In the center of the screen you will find your inventory - each character can carry up to 2 items. The only exception is Bagger, which can carry 3 and after 120 seconds up to 4 items.

4. Control hints

If you don't already know the controls, in the bottom right corner of the screen you will find hints for the item you are holding now.

5. Crosshair

The crosshair at the center of the screen will help you to aim throwables. Point the crosshair to items and closets to use them (a hint will be displayed). The crosshair changes its shape when throwing objects at the parabola (the heavier the object, the shorter the parabola).

6. Game time

At the top of the screen you will find the current time spent in this match. The time spent in the game is not that important unless you're waiting for a tip - after a while of fruitless search, you'll receive a tip from the raven as to the location of the next key.

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