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Sea Of Thieves Guide

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Sea of Thieves: Fencing guide Sea Of Thieves guide, walkthrough

Last update: Monday, July 13, 2020

From this chapter of the guide to Sea of Thieves the players can learn how to properly use cutlass, the basic weapon of each pirate.

Cutlass is the only melee weapon available in Sea of Thieves. It is a part of the basic equipment of every pirate. With this weapon you can perform various attacks and combine them into deadly combinations. You can also use it for charging and for blocking enemy attacks. A cutlass is a very useful weapon in every possible situation, especially when fighting in small spaces like inside ships.

Cutlass - how to fight?

Learning the basics of using cutlass will enable the player to effectively fight skeletons and to save oneself during naval battles. The cutlass in Sea of Thieves can be also used for reducing the distance between the player and the enemy, a ship, or any other target.

Light attacks performed with the cutlass deal 25% damage - Sea of Thieves: Fencing guide - Combat - Sea Of Thieves Guide
  1. Triple combo - a combination of 3 simple and fast cuts is the main cutlass combat technique. The combo will be continued as long as the player is hitting the target. This means that if the second swing won't hit the enemy, then the combo will stop.
  2. Blocking - this enables the player to avoid receiving damage. It is worth remembering that while blocking, the character doesn't lose its mobility. He or she can still walk, turn, even jump. This allows the player to block attacks coming from various directions;
  3. Dodges - not everyone knows that it is possible to dodge attacks in Sea of Thieves. When you hold the block button, you can jump in any direction. Your character will perform a quick dodge in selected direction;
  4. Lunge attack - a charge can be performed by pressing both the attack and block button at the same time or by going from blocking directly to this attack. It is worth mentioning that this powerful attack has some limitations. If you fail to hit the target, your character will lose its balance and won't be able to perform any actions for 2 seconds;
  5. Lunge jumping attack - this powerful attack makes your character fly towards the target as if he or she was shot from a cannon! This attack will enable you to reach a target that is far from your current position. It will also enable you to quickly enter a ship that is further from the shore. To perform a lunge jumping attack you must activate the regular lunge attack and then press the jump button during the charge.

Light attacks performed with the cutlass deal 25% damage. 4 quick attacks are enough to eliminate an opponent with full health. Heavy attacks like the lunge attack deal 60% damage.

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