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Road 96 Guide, Walkthrough by

Road 96 Guide, Walkthrough

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Road 96: Beginner's guide Road 96 guide, walkthrough

This page of the Road 96 guide contains a set of tips for begginers. Hints include how to make choices, how to get food or skills.

Last update: Wednesday, July 13, 2022

This page of the guide to Road 96 contains tips on various aspects of the game. We have covered all gameplay elements that may be unclear at the beginning, and those that have been illogically explained by the game.

Maintain your stamina level

The stamina level displayed next to the character's icon (in the upper left corner) changes over the course of the game. It mainly reflects the protagonist's fatigue, which is affected by holding their breath, sleepless nights or walking. To refill your stamina bar, you need to sleep, eat and drink. Food and drinks can be stolen, found in the trash or bought. Always remember to constantly restore your stamina bar, as you may run out of it at the very end of the road, during your escape.

Pay attention to your choices

Not everything visible to the naked eye is real. Road 96 plays with players' expectations and tests them at every opportunity. Choices about visible characters, in each chapter of the game, affect the endings.

Keep an eye on your money

Just below the stamina bar is the amount of cash you have on you. It can be obtained in various ways, such as earning money for completing orders or by stealing. Money is very important. It enables you to get food, which will increase your stamina. It's also useful for escaping, for example when you need to bribe someone.

Listen to the dialogues

The relationships between characters has a huge impact on the gameplay. You can work on them by talking, making decisions, having someone's back, or picking up various objects. However, dialogues are the most important part of the game. During them, you will understand the characters' perspectives, discover critical information, and make key decisions.

Acquire new skills

During your playthrough, you will meet several characters who will appear in each chapter. They will teach you a variety of key skills that will affect the way you act in the world and the interactions available to you. They will allow you to perform new activities and use special interactions.

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