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Returnal Guide

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Returnal: Game length Returnal guide, walkthrough

On this page of the Returnal game guide you will find out how much time it takes to complete the game for the first time, i.e. to beat the three main campaign acts during which you will visit 6 different biomes. The following information may interest both veterans of the bullet hell subgenre as well as those who are not yet familiar with these types of games and roguelike productions.

1 - Returnal: Game length - Appendix - Returnal Guide
  1. Returnal is a game where the player's skill, including their ability to avoid taking damage, effectively eliminate opponents and complete subsequent locations, is the most important factor. The game has a fairly high entry threshold and its difficulty increases with each subsequent biome (region of the world). The main boss fights are especially difficult, requiring a combination of monkey-like agility and responding perfectly to enemy attacks. Each hit can cause a lot of damage and the main character can very easily die as a result. Since this is a roguelike game, each time you die, you need to start from scratch. Brace yourselves for the frustration stemming from frequent deaths and, as a consequence, the long time spent travelling back to the same boss's lair to face them again, for instance.
  2. It can take several hours to complete Returnal despite the fact that the game doesn't offer that much content. The focus is more on repeating the same parts of the gameplay in order to avoid repeating your mistakes and to make use the permanent improvements obtained during previous attempts (i.e. those that, once unlocked, remain available for the rest of the game).
  3. In Returnal, there aren't many ways to make it easier to progress the main storyline. There is also no option to lower the difficulty level or to cooperate with other players (this title is 100% singleplayer). You simply have to learn from your failures, utilize different strategies in subsequent attempts and respond faster and more effectively to enemy attacks.
  4. Returnal's trophies aren't extremely difficult to earn, although to get the platinum trophy, you will need to find all the collectibles in the six major biomes, among other requirements. This becomes achievable only once you acquire all the exploration-related gadgets and, due to the areas being randomly generated, you will need to repeatedly go through the same regions in hopes of finding any secrets you might be missing.
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