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Return to Monkey Island Walkthrough by

Return to Monkey Island Walkthrough

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Return to Monkey Island: Game length - story duration and obtaining 100% of achievements Return to Monkey Island walkthrough

Our guide to Return to Monkey Island tells you how long it takes to complete the game - we have given separate values for finishing the storyline with or without the help of the guide, as well as the time needed to unlock all achievements.

Last update: Thursday, September 29, 2022

Return to Monkey Island is a production that offers gameplay for a few or even several dozen hours. On this page of the guide, you can find information about game length - the duration of the main story, how using a walkthrough shortens the playtime, and how long it takes to get 100% of achievements.

1 - Return to Monkey Island: Game length - story duration and obtaining 100% of achievements - Appendix - Return to Monkey Island Walkthrough
  1. Completing Return to Monkey Island on the Hard difficulty level, without using walkthroughs and in-game tips , may take about 10-15 hours . This result is mainly due to the fact that there are a lot of puzzles in the game to which solutions are not that obvious. Moreover, you can get stuck in many areas or a certain puzzle may take you more time to solve. This is especially possible in Chapters 1 and 4, in which you can freely explore the archipelago.
  2. A playthrough supported by a walkthrough or in-game tips may shorten the playtime to about 3-6 hours. The final time elapsed is influenced by how often you use tips and how much time you spend on optional exploration and conversations.
  3. In Return to Monkey Island, an attempt to get 100% of achievements may extend the playtime by several hours. Unfortunately, there are many achievements in the game that are not that obvious or require specific actions at specific moments. A standard playthrough without relying on a guide will unlock approximately 1/3 of the trophies.
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