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Resident Evil Village Guide

Resident Evil Village Guide

Rosemary's a baby Resident Evil Village Guide contains complete walkthrough, Beginner's Guide and best tips for exploration, combat, stealth and Lady Dimitrescu. We describe all collectibles, puzzle solutions, boss fights and trophies.

Last update: Friday, April 30, 2021

Our guide to Resident Evil Village contains all the information thanks to which you will complete the game, find all secrets, and unlock the platinum trophy. The detailed walkthrough is the most important part of this guide. It focuses on the main objectives, describes where to go, and includes tips on how to deal with the enemies. We have also prepared separate pages for solutions to more extensive puzzles and strategies for the boss fights. These parts of the game can cause problems for some players.

The second larger chapter is the game guide. There, you will learn about the most important gameplay mechanics or how to manage Ethan's inventory. The following pages of the guide describe, e.g. the combat and stealth mechanics, exploration and loot, crafting as well as finding and upgrading weapons. The basic chapter of the guide is complemented by a FAQ section, where you will find answers to frequently asked questions. This guide explains, e.g. how to avoid Lady Dimitrescu, whether Resident Evil 8 has an open world, how to open locked containers, or how to increase the hero's inventory.

The last basic chapter of the guide focuses on secrets and collectibles. With our tips, you will be able to find, e.g. all documents, and collect unique artifacts. In addition to the main chapters, the guide also has smaller ones. These include a trophy guide, pages dedicated to the controls and system requirements, as well as information on how long it takes to beat Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village: Beginner's tips

Resident Evil 8 is a survival horror – you may have trouble keeping the main character alive. Below you will find some basic tips:

  1. Explore the locations carefully. There is plenty of useful loot to be found - ammunition, crafting materials, or treasures you can sell. Some items are hidden, for example, in chests or large breakable vases.
  2. Follow the map. Its different colors indicate whether a given location can be accessed or not. You can also see blocked passages and see how to unlock them.
  3. Run away from random encounters with Lady Dimitrescu and daughters. You will have to fight them in predetermined parts of the game. Escape is the only solution when you encounter them while exploring the castle.
  4. Consider increasing the screen's brightness. RE8 can be very dark in some places. You can easily miss treasures located in a given location or, more importantly, monsters hiding in the dark.
  5. Think before buying something at Duke's. The Resident Evil Village merchant has a lot of interesting consumables and supplies to offer. You should choose the most useful and unique ones.

You can find more tips for beginners on the Beginner's Guide page.

Resident Evil Village: All main chapters

Below you will find a list of the main stages of Resident Evil Village. We divided them in our walkthrough according to the entries in the main character's journal. There are no missions in the game or summary screens for completed stages.


  1. Prologue - Ethan, Mia and Rose

Village - 1st visit

  1. Some forest
  2. The first battle on the village square
  3. Finding and exploring Luiza's House
  4. Escaping from a mine

Castle Dimitrescu

  1. Exploring castle chambers
  2. Exploring the castle courtyard
  3. Get out of the Tower of Worship

Village - 2nd Visit

  1. Reaching the Altar
  2. Finding the House with the Red Chimney

Beneviento House

  1. Reaching the House Beneviento
  2. Getting out of the basement
  3. Defeating Donna Beneviento and returning to the village


  1. Going through the village to the boat
  2. Reservoir and avoiding the big fish
  3. Fighting Moreau and leaving the reservoir


  1. Going through the stronghold
  2. Fighting Urias and returning to the village

Heisenberg's Factory

  1. Unlockinf the Factory and finding Heisenberg
  2. Passing through level B4 (Materials)
  3. Passing through level B3 (Manufacturing)
  4. Reaching B1 level (Storage) and creating the Heisenberg's Key
  5. Defeating Prototype Sturm and Mutated Heisenberg boss


  1. Burning village
  2. The final clash with Miranda
  3. Ending

Resident Evil Village: All collectibles

Ethan can find various collectibles and secrets while exploring the village and Dimitrescu's castle. We have described them in separate chapters of the guide.

  1. Weapons
  2. Golden chests
  3. Outhouse
  4. Goats of Warding


  1. Prologue
  2. Village - 1st visit
  3. Castle Dimitrescu
  4. Village - 2nd and subsequent visits
  5. Beneviento House
  6. Reservoir
  7. Stronghold
  8. Factory
  9. Finale


  1. Castle Dimitrescu
  2. Village - 2nd and subsequent visits
  3. Beneviento House
  4. Reservoir
  5. Stronghold
  6. Factory

Resident Evil Village: Puzzle solutions

There are quite a few puzzles in RE8 involving quest items that you can easily get stuck on. The more complicated puzzles are described on separate pages of our guide.

  1. Opening the castle's gate - crests (Demon Crest and Maiden Crest)
  2. The Maroon Eye puzzle
  3. Hall of Ablution Statues puzzle
  4. The piano puzzle (Opera Hall)
  5. The 5 bells puzzle (Dimitrescu's Portrait)
  6. Treasure map - where is the treasure? (Treasure Map)
  7. The masks and busts puzzle (Four Angels' Busts)
  8. Combination puzzle in the workshop
  9. The doll woman puzzle
  10. The music box puzzle (Storage Room)
  11. The film projector puzzle
  12. The puzzle with 3 medallions (Sealed Door)
  13. The breaker box puzzle
  14. Labyrinth puzzle
  15. Necklace - how to complete? (Necklace with Two Holes)
  16. Sluice gate controls puzzle
  17. The Heisenberg's Key puzzle
  18. Luiza's Necklace

Resident Evil Village: All bosses

Confrontations with strong opponents are inevitable in Resident Evil Village, and not every one of them ends with defeating the enemy. Boss fights are described in a separate chapter of this guide. You will learn what attacks each boss has and how to kill/avoid them.

  1. The first vampire daughter
  2. Lady Dimitrescu - 1. fight
  3. The second vampire daughter
  4. The third vampire daughter
  5. Lady Dimitrescu - the main fight
  6. Donna Beneviento
  7. Moreau
  8. Urias - boss with a hammer (Stronghold)
  9. Prototype Sturm
  10. Mutated Heisenberg
  11. Urias Strajer (boss from the burning village)
  12. Miranda - the final boss

Resident Evil Village: FAQ - I have a question and am looking for an answer

While playing Resident Evil Village, you may encounter problems, or have trouble with understanding some gameplay mechanics. The FAQ section provides answers to frequently asked questions. The most important FAQ pages are:

  1. Lady Dimitrescu and daughters - how to avoid them? - Read this page to find out when Lady Dimitrescu starts showing up, what happens when she catches Ethan, and how to avoid the tall vampire. We also explain how to deal with Dimitrescu's vampire daughters.
  2. Lockpicks - how to acquire and use them? - When exploring the village and the castle, you will come across locked containers that require the use of lockpicks. We explain how to get lockpicks and how to use them.
  3. Inventory - how to expand? - Ethan's pockets can hold a lot of items, but over time you will start to feel that there isn't enough space. This page has a simple method that will help you add more inventory slots.
  4. Open world - is it in the game? - This info can be very useful regarding the exploration. Read this page to learn how much you can explore the village and the castle and whether the main plot is nonlinear.
  5. Lock - how to remove it? - The page explains how to deal with the padlocks found on doors and gates.
  6. The well - how to start the mechanism? - You will learn how to interact with wells and what treasures can be obtained from wells.
  7. Treasures - what are they for? - You may wonder what uses the treasures Ethan finds throughout the game have. This page provides a detailed explanation of what to do with them.
  8. Weapons - how to upgrade? - At some point, you will want to increase the effectiveness of your weapons. The page explains how to upgrade weapons by increasing their stats and installing modifications.
  9. Wounds - how to heal? - It is easy to die in Resident Evil Village - you will want to keep Ethan in good health as much as possible. The page explains how to recover lost health points.
  10. Castle Dimitrescu - can it be revisited? - The page answers whether you can visit Dimitrescu Castle again after progressing to the next stages of the game. This may interest you if you want to explore 100% of the world map.
  11. Big werewolves - how to defeat? - This page explains how to defeat or avoid direct confrontations with Varcolacs. You will start encountering them later in the campaign.

Resident Evil Village: Guide

On the following pages of the Resident Evil Village guide, you will find information about the most important mechanics, combat, exploration, or character progression system.

  1. Combat and stealth - The page has tips on how to defeat enemies or sneak past indestructible opponents or those that can cost you too many supplies.
  2. Exploration and loot - You will find out which parts of the village and the castle can be explored. The page explains how the game can block you from accessing certain parts of the world, how to use the map, and what types of items can be found.
  3. Crafting - On this page, you will find detailed tips on when you can craft new items, what types of items can be crafted, and what are its requirements.
  4. Duke the trader - On this page, you will find all the most important information about this trader. We explain where you meet Duke, the types of services he offers, and the best items he sells.
  5. Using maps - You will learn how to use maps when exploring the game world. In addition, we explain what the different colors on the maps mean and how to explore locations in 100%.
  6. Mercenaries Mode - This page describes the rules of the additional game mode that you will unlock after completing the campaign. You will learn how to earn points, how to raise the multiplier, and how to get high ranks.

Resident Evil Village: Game length

Resident Evil Village is longer than its predecessor, Resident Evil 7. The game has more locations. Your progress may also be slowed down by numerous boss battles - there are over ten mandatory boss fights.

Your first playthrough should take you about 10 hours. This time can be extended by playing on a higher difficulty level or visiting optional locations. More information on how long it takes to beat Resident Evil Village can be found on the Game's length page.

Resident Evil Village: Trophies and platinum

The platinum trophy in Resident Evil Village is available on PS4 and PS5. To get the platinum, you will have to finish the game multiple times and perform specific actions, e.g. find secrets and upgrade Ethan's equipment. We've detailed all of the Resident Evil 8 achievements on separate pages:

  1. Trophies/Achievements
  2. Repairer trophy
  3. Medium Rare Achievement
  4. Universe's Best Dad trophy

Resident Evil Village: PC system requirements

  1. Processor: Intel Core i5-7500 3.4 GHz / AMD Ryzen 3 1200 3.1 GHz
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. Graphics card: 4 GB GeForce GTX 1050 Ti / Radeon RX 560
  4. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bits
  5. Disk space: about 30 GB

More information, e.g. about the recommended PC system requirements for Resident Evil 8, its graphics settings, and PS5 performance can be found on the System requirements page.

About Resident Evil Village Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Resident Evil Village Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Capcom
  • publisher: Capcom
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, PS5, XSX

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