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Remnant 2 Guide

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Remnant 2: How to beat E.D. Alpha? Remnant 2 guide, tips

E.D. Alpha is another boss found in the world of N'Erud. In our guide to Remnant 2, we give a detailed list of this opponent's moves, potential rewards and explain how best to defeat him.

Last update: 02 August 2023

E.D. Alpha E.D. Alpha can be enocuntered in N'Erud, in Tower of the Unseen more exactly. In this chapter of our Remnant 2 guide, you'll learn how to win against this opponent, and what rewards are there for defeating him.

E.D. Alpha Alpha - boss description

E.D. Alpha E.D. Alpha is a robot that can assume a form of sphere that has a lot of spinning attacks up his sleeve. Moreover, he does not fight alone, as he is assisted by aides in form of flying eyes that fire projectiles at the player. The orange eye of the boss is his weak point.


Staying in melee range is dangerous - Remnant 2: How to beat E.D. Alpha? - Nerud - Remnant 2 Guide
  1. Rolling - the boss uses rolling to move faster around the arena. Thanks to rolling, he hides his weak point and has a lot of attacks initiated from this stance.
  2. Cartwheel - this attack can be activated both in the boss's standard and sphere form. The boss starts spinning at high speed and deals damage to everything he touches.
  3. Jump Attack - because of his size, the jump isn't that high. However, he can leap forward to attack with his hand. This attack is often used when close to the player.
  4. Flying eyes - right from the very beginning of the encounter, E.D. Alpha is followed by small flying eyes. From time to time, they fire lasers at the hero.

How to fight E.D. Alpha?

Staying in melee range is dangerous. Cartwheel attacks can be deadly, especially if you can't escape them. You should keep your distance from the beginning and aim for the eye as soon as you get the chance. Skills that apply Slow or deal area of effect damage are also recommended for this fight.

In the arena, up to several flying eyes may appear, which will shoot lasers often - Remnant 2: How to beat E.D. Alpha? - Nerud - Remnant 2 Guide

In the arena, up to several flying eyes may appear, which will shoot lasers often. Fortunately, the lasers don't deal much damage. You don't have to destroy them at regular basis, but do so when there are too many of them or you're running out of ammunition, as they are a good source of it.

Once E - Remnant 2: How to beat E.D. Alpha? - Nerud - Remnant 2 Guide

Once E.D. Alpha is very close, he will start spinning. When that happens, increase the distance as fast as possible. You can shoot at its eye or legs - this may result in the boss's staggering for a moment and interrupting his attack.


There are following rewards for defeating E.D. Alpha:

  1. Refunder Mutator,
  2. Scrap x300.
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