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Remnant From the Ashes Guide by

Remnant From the Ashes Guide

Table of Contents

Remnant From the Ashes: Trophies, achievements list, tips Remnant From the Ashes guide, walkthrough

Remnant: From the Ashes has 41 trophies (one platinum trophy that is unlocked for getting all other trophies, only on PS4). Some of the trophies/achievements have dedicated pages. This section contains a complete list of trophies/achievements:

From the Ashes

Description: Acquire all trophies.

Goal: Get all the trophies. (The platinum trophy is available only on PS4).

Fade to White

Description: Activate the Ward 13 World Stone.

Goal: Activate the Red Stone in Ward 13.

Commentary: You get this trophy/achievement by making progress in the story.

First... But not the last

Description: Acquire first trait.

Goal: Get the first trait.

Commentary: You get the first trait by making enough progress in the story, the next ones are obtained for killing bosses or defeating opponents in different ways.

Good Start

Description: Acquire 10 traits.

Goal: Get 10 traits.

That's a lot of Traits!

Description: Acquire 20 traits.

Goal: Get 20 traits.

Unleash Your Potential

Description: Acquire 30 traits.

Goal: Get 30 traits.

Equipment Collector

Description: Acquire 5 armor sets.

Goal: Get 5 armor sets.

Equipment Enthusiasts

Description: Acquire 10 armor sets.

Goal: Get 10 armor sets.

Hard Choices

Description: Upgrade first weapon.

Goal: Improve your first weapon.

Commentary: Weapons can be improved in Ward 13 at a merchant named Rigs.

Halfway There

Description: Upgrade any weapon to +10.

Objective: Upgrade any weapon to +10.

Push It to the Limit

Description: Upgrade any weapon to + 20.

Goal: Upgrade any weapon to +20.

Mod Collector

Description: Acquire 5 weapon mods.

Goal: Obtain 5 weapon mods.

Commentary: Weapon mods are created at McCabe in Ward 13. You craft them from materials obtained from defeated bosses.

Mod Enthusiast

Description: Acquire 15 weapon mods.

Goal: Get 15 weapon mods.

Trait Dabbler

Description: Upgrade any trait to 10.

Goal: Improve any trait to level 10.

Trait Focus

Description: Upgrade any trait to 20.

Goal: Improve any trait to level 20.

One Person's Scrap

Description: Acquire 50,000 scrap.

Goal: Get 50,000 scrap.

Scrap Harvester

Description: Acquire 100,000 scrap.

Goal: Get 100,000 scrap.

Scrap Collector

Description: Acquire 200,000 scrap.

Objective: Get 200,000 scrap.

Not So Special

Description: Defeat 100 special enemies.

Goal: Defeat 100 special enemies.

Commentary: Special enemies are ordinary opponents that are harder to defeat. You know that they are near when you hear a characteristic sound.

Ready for Action

Description: Craft a weapon using material from a defeated world boss.

Objective: Create a weapon using a material from a defeated boss.

Like a Boss

Description: Upgrade a boss weapon to +5.

Goal: Improve a boss weapon to +5.

This Watch...

Description: Acquire Mudtooth's pocket watch.

Objective: Get Mudtooth's pocket watch.

Commentary: Listen to Mudtooth's story.

Heart of a Dragon

Description: Upgrade Dragon Heart.

Goal: Upgrade the Dragon Heart.

Commentary: Dragon Heart can be upgraded at the Root Mother - you recruit her after rescuing her.

Fire in the Sky

Description: Defeat Singe.

Goal: Defeat Singe.

The Bigger They Are...

Description: Defeat the Ent.

Goal: Defeat the Ent.

Watch the Totems!

Description: Defeat the Totem Father.

Goal: Defeat the Totem Father.

Wolf of the Woods

Description: Defeat the Pan Wolf.

Goal: Defeat the Ravager.

Undying, Eh?

Description: Defeat the Undying King.

Goal: Defeat the Undying King.

The Keymaster

Description: Defeat the Claviger.

Goal: Defeat the Claviger.

Butterfly Effect

Description: Defeat Ixillis XV.

Goal: Defeat Ixillis XV.

Dark Awakening

Description: Defeat the Dreamer.

Goal: Defeat the Dreamer.


Description: Defeat a world boss in single player without taking damage.

Goal: Defeat a boss in single player mode without any damage.

Shot Through the Heart

Description: Return the Swamp Guardian's heart to the Undying King.

Goal: Return the Swamp Guardian's heart to the Undying King.

Not So Lucky

Description: Return Coin to Ace.

Goal: Give Ace the Coin.


Description: Return Ring to Reggie.

Goal: Give Reggie the Ring.

Are You OK?

Description: Meet the Root Mother.

Goal: Discover the Root Mother.

What is the Labirynth

Description: Meet the Labyrinth Keeper.

Goal: Meet with the Labyrinth Keeper.

Death Warmed Over

Description: Meet the Undying King.

Goal: Encounter the Undying King.

Like a Moth to a Flame

Description: Meet the Swamp Queen.

Goal: Encounter the Swamp Queen.

Changing of the Guard

Description: Meet the Pan Rebel Leader.

Goal: Encounter the Pan Rebel Leader.

The Founder

Description: Meet Andrew Ford.

Goal: Encounter Andrew Ford.

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