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Remnant From the Ashes Guide by

Remnant From the Ashes Guide

Table of Contents

The Unclean One | Boss in Remnant From the Ashes Remnant From the Ashes guide, walkthrough

Butcher of Blavi... Iskal. The Unclean One is a large boss looking like a butcher. He holds a giant hammer in one of his hands. Don't let his appearance distract you, this boss is faster than you may think.

1 - The Unclean One | Boss in Remnant From the Ashes - Bosses - Remnant From the Ashes Guide


  1. Weapon Leap - When you maintain the medium distance, The Unclean One can jump towards you from far away. The leap ends with a single hammer strike.
  2. Hammer strike - The Unclean One can also perform the same attack like the one described above, but without the leap. He does this attack when you're close to him.
  3. Charge - When you are keeping the distance from The Unclean One Filthy, will charge in your direction, destroying everything in his way. The attack will end with a belly attack.
  4. Horizontal attack - When you are close, the boss can also use the horizontal attack by lifting his leg slightly.
  5. Hammer throw- The Unclean One can also throw his hammer at the player. He stands in place while performing this attack - he places the hammer on his shoulder and then throws the weapon at the player.
  6. Whirlwind - The Unclean One can also start spinning in a circle with his hammer.
It is hard to really say what tactics against The Unclean One are the best - The Unclean One | Boss in Remnant From the Ashes - Bosses - Remnant From the Ashes Guide


It is hard to really say what tactics against The Unclean One are the best. If we stay close to him, we will provoke him to use mostly regular attacks, but he will perform them quite fast. In turn, if we fight him at a distance, we will have to prepare for his jumps and hammer throws.

Try to keep a medium distance - he will more likely walk towards you rather than leap. However, the latter is possible, too. If he jumps, the best option is to dodge towards him - you will get behind his back. This is very important because his two weak spots are his head and... buttocks. You can also provoke him to use a hammer throw. This move is highly telegraphed - the boss raises up the hammer and throws it at the player. If you don't avoid it, you will get quite a lot of damage. In addition, it will push you a few meters back. However, if you manage to avoid it (you do this when the boss hauls the hammer off and when his leg falls to the ground), you will have a lot of time to attack. The Unclean One is very weak without his hammer. He moves automatically to pick it up. This is a great opportunity to cause him a lot of damage aiming at the head or buttocks.

The whirlwind attack can also be problematic. It lasts a very long time, despite the fact that it isn't very accurate. However, be careful as this attack destroys the environment. The advantage is that it also deals damage to the reinforcements. It is important to always shoot him in the head, or make dodges in his direction to get behind the boss. You don't have to attack his minions since The Unclean One can kill them with his attacks. But if they are troublesome for you, nothing stands in the way of killing them and then focusing on the boss.

Possible rewards:

  1. Unclean Heart
  2. Lumenite Crystal (x5)
  3. 1,050 scraps
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