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Remnant From the Ashes Guide by

Remnant From the Ashes Guide

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Remnant From the Ashes: Gorefist boss - attacks, tactics, rewards, tips Remnant From the Ashes guide, walkthrough

On this page of the Remnant From the Ashes game guide you will find a detailed description of the Gorefist boss fight. You will find out what attacks the boss has, what battle tactics are best, and what secrets/rewards the defeated Gorefist may leave behind.

Gorefist - boss description

Gorefist is one of the first bosses we will face in Remnant: From the Ashes. This is a more powerful version of one of the elite opponents called The Root. Since Gorefist is one of the first bosses, is not difficult to defeat, but this doesn't mean that you won't struggle with him. Below is a list of boss attacks and tactics of how best to fight it.

Before the beginning the fight with him, turn right, go up the stairs and start the fight there - Remnant From the Ashes: Gorefist boss - attacks, tactics, rewards, tips - Bosses - Remnant From the Ashes Guide


  1. Vertical Attack - When you are in front of Gorefist, the boss will perform a vertical attack. It is indicated by the boss lifting of one of the legs and lifting up his weapon. To avoid damage, simply dodge in any direction.
  2. Horizontal Attack - When you get too close, Gorefist can also use a horizontal attack. It is slightly slower than a vertical attack, and the boss doesn't raise his leg when performing this attack. It can inflict bleeding upon hitting. To avoid this attack, you must dodge towards him.
  3. 3 combo hit - Gorefist also has an attack in which he performs 3 strikes in a row, which is indicated by a red glow. The best way to avoid this attack is to roll back and stay at a safe distance from Gorefist's next attacks.
  4. Charge and slash - When you get too far from Gorefist, he starts running towards you, dragging his sword on the ground. When he is close enough to you, he will make an upward slash. Perform a forward dodge at the right time to avoid his attack. Rolling in other directions is also a good idea (except for dodging backward), however, rolling towards will position you behind the boss's back.
  5. Reinforcements - From time to time, enemies called Rot Wart will begin to appear in the arena. These opponents will charge at the player. When they are close, they explode dealing damage and leave pink smoke at the place of the explosion, which fills up Rot status.


Before the beginning the fight with him, turn right, go up the stairs and start the fight there. A good way to fight him is to keep him at a distance and provoke him to use a charge. It will give us plenty of time to attack him without any problems from a safe distance. It is best to aim at his head - a shotgun is perfect for that (or other small/medium range weapon). Every time you avoid a charge by dodging in towards him, shoot him several times in the back - this is a great opportunity to do so. Be on the move at all times, it is not worth fighting with him in one place, especially since the location is large.

Remember, the boss will soon be accompanied by reinforcements. Their distinctive feature is that they make strange noises, which become louder as they are closer to us. If we don't see these creatures, and we hear they are near, they are likely to attack us from the other direction. It is important to deal with exploding mobs first, as they can surprise you and deal big damage. We don't have to use ammunition on them, all they need is to blow up close to us, killing themselves.

Note! Gorefist's attacks can reach you even through a wall. Also, don't think that you are safe when he attacks near an obstacle. Always roll when you see him performing an attack, even if he is behind a wall.

Possible rewards

  1. Flash Barb
  2. Lumenite Crystal (x3)
  3. 472 scraps
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