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Remnant From the Ashes Guide by

Remnant From the Ashes Guide

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Remnant From the Ashes: Death - how to avoid? Remnant From the Ashes guide, walkthrough

In this section of the guide to Remnant: From the Ashes, you will find tips on how to avoid dying. Follow them to avoid sudden death or making a grave mistake.

Remnant: From the Ashes is known for its difficulty level - just one small mistake can put you to the ground - Remnant From the Ashes: Death - how to avoid? - FAQ - Remnant From the Ashes Guide

Remnant: From the Ashes is known for its difficulty level - just one small mistake can put you to the ground. Here are some tips to help you avoid death in the world of Remnant: From the Ashes:

  1. Listen. In Remnant, as you travel through locations, you will witness various sounds that the monsters make. This is very helpful because each creature makes a distinc sound. Moreover, this also allows us to prepare to fight monsters that we can't even see.
  2. Heal only when you're safe. Try to heal your character only if you are sure that your opponent will not have time to attack, or will not reach you with his attacks. The animation of healing takes a little while, although we are still able to move and dodge at a slower pace during this animation.
  3. Try to be constantly on the move. Remnant is a very dynamic game, which may be an additional challenge for some. The pace of the game is sometimes really fast - you have to think about the next move before you even dodge. Therefore, it's important not to remain motionless. Evasion is the essence of this game, as enemies attack in a variety of ways, whether in close proximity or at a long distance.
  4. Make use of crouching. In the game we can crouch, which isn't just used for sneaking. By crouching, we can reduce the recoil of our weapons, which is very helpful. In addition, using crouch to dodge or to hide behind cover can save lives.
  5. Keep your eyes around your head. Observation of the environment is very important - opponents like attacking from behind. To avoid injury, you must often rotate the camera in different directions. Just because your opponents are in front of you trying to kill you, doesn't mean someone won't attack from the back.
  6. Save on ammo. Ammunition is very important in Remnant: From the Ashes. Without it, it can be hard to kill some opponents, and doesn't really grow on trees. Therefore, it is important not to use it to break boxes, for example, to get loot. We can get ammunition by defeating our opponents and hoping they drop ammo suitable for our guns. There are also crates of ammunition that renew all of our ammunition, which can be purchased at Ward 13.
  7. Escape is not always the solution. Fleeing can be the right choice if you're sure you won't make it. Most of the time. In Remnant, escape doesn't always let you survive. If we fight in a slightly more open space, escape can be deadly because we'll be exposed to ranged attacks of our opponents. If we really need to escape, for example to heal, the best solution is to find cover or a building which can be entered. If that's not possible, but you still need to run, it is best to run in zig-zags, because some ranges are linear.
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