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Red Dead Online Guide

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The arsenal of available weapons in Red Dead Online Red Dead Online Guide and Tips

Fighting is the key to success and survival in Red Dead Online. In the following chapter, you will read a detailed description of all the options available during combat.


With the weapon selection wheel, you can switch weapons and ammunition - The arsenal of available weapons in Red Dead Online - Combat and Equipment - Red Dead Online Guide

With the weapon selection wheel, you can switch weapons and ammunition. Each weapon in the game has specific statistics. Just like in single player mode, the following weapons are waiting for you:

  1. Pistols - Handy and modern. The pistols do not have the firepower of revolvers, but they can hold more ammunition and can be reloaded faster.
  2. Revolvers - Six-shot revolvers offer more damage than guns and a better accuracy - unfortunately, they are quite slow and reloading takes a long time.
  3. Rifles - Weapons mainly designed for precise shots from a distance. Very accurate, but at the same time quite slow and not very handy. However, if you do hit your enemy, they will take a lot of damage.
  4. Repeater rifles - These rifles have good fire rifle and have a higher ammunition capacity than classic rifles. However, they are not as accurate and deal less damage.
  5. Shotguns - Massive, very strong weapons that fire numerous projectiles with one shot. Ideal for close-quarters encounters or fighting several enemies at once.

Bow, ranged and melee weapons

  1. Bows are silent and accurate weapons that allow you to silently kill enemies or animals. They're the perfect hunting weapons because they do not damage the animal's body. You can create and use a wide array of arrows.
  2. Throwing weapons - knives and tomahawks - allow you to kill enemies quickly and quietly. In addition, fire bottles or dynamite, which can wreak havoc on the battlefield, will appear in their arsenal over time.
  3. Melee weapons - you can always engage your enemies with bare fists, or use a knife. The last option is particularly effective - if you knock down another player and overpower them, you will sink the knife in their heart and immediately kill the enemy.


Lasso is quite a unique weapon in Red Dead Online. You can use them to tie animals or to immobilize enemies. Lasso is particularly useful when hunting for wanted people who need to be caught alive.

When you catch the target on the lasso, you can approach it and press the button to tie it up. The tied enemy will be immobilized - you can pick them up, move them, or even throw 'em on the horse's back.

A tied player can choose the suicide option in order not to waste time when, for example, someone is driving them around the city. In addition, if someone catches you in the forest, you will be able to press the button to try and release yourself.

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