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Red Dead Online Guide

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Acquiring cash, experience, and gold in Red Dead Online Red Dead Online Guide and Tips

When you start your adventure in Red Dead Online, you are a very poor fugitive who must slowly climb to the top. You start with on the first level, you have very little money and zero deposits of gold.

Ranks in Red Dead Online

Ranks are nothing more than your level of experience in Red Dead Online - Acquiring cash, experience, and gold in Red Dead Online - Basics - Red Dead Online Guide

Ranks are nothing more than your level of experience in Red Dead Online. Practically every activity in the game, from killing other people, through hunting, to taking part in matchmaking games, will reward you with experience points. When you earn a certain number of XP, you will be promoted to a higher rank.

Subsequent ranks unlock more and more options, items and gameplay mechanics. For example, fishing will not be available until you reach the 14th rank, dynamite until you're the 16th rank, and so on. Later ranks are mainly new clothes or unlocking more powerful weapons.

In addition, in RDO your character uses the Dead Eye system and a maximum of three cards, which improve the main skill. With experience, you can develop the Dead Eye and enhance Passive Ability Effects, such as increasing the damage dealt by your character.

Cash in Red Dead Online

Performing missions, selling items, looting the fallen enemies, selling animal skins or taking part in matchmaking series - all this will generate cash that you can use in many ways. First of all, thanks to the cash, you can visit shops and use the handy catalog to buy new items and weapons. Secondly, you can use the money to buy upgrades in the camp, buy new horses, or buy a new leather jacket for your character.

You can earn money fast enough, but you'll soon find out that more expensive items/horses in the game can really cost a small fortune - likewise, unlocking new upgrades to higher ranks can cost an arm and a leg.

Gold in Red Dead Online

Gold is a unique currency that was absent from Red Dead Redemption 2. You can spend gold on a variety of luxurious items, unlock some items earlier, and sometimes buy the unlocked items.

You can earn gold in the game in the form of gold nuggets. You need 100 gold nuggets to create 1 bar of gold. In the copy of the game currently being tested, the Rockstar store is not available - but you can definitely say that you will be able to buy gold using real money.

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