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Posse - inviting other players to play with you in Red Dead Online Red Dead Online Guide and Tips

In Red Dead Online, you can create or join a posse. This allows you to play with friends or meet new players, and explore the world with them. Try to play with others - the game's world and the players can be really dangerous. Some people can even hunt lone players who, i.e. are focusing on Stranger missions.

How to create a posse?

To create a posse, open the player menu (press left on the d-pad), and select the Posse option - Posse - inviting other players to play with you in Red Dead Online - Basics - Red Dead Online Guide

To create a posse, open the player menu (press left on the d-pad), and select the Posse option. Here, you can check other Posse and, i.e. try to join one. You can also create your own gang by using the following options:

  1. Type - You can create a temporary posse - its stats won't be saved after quitting the game. A perfect choice when you want to, i.e. quickly create a posse and play in the current session. You can also create a persistent posse which will remain active even after you quit the game. However, this option requires you to pay $200. A great choice for those who want to play with others for an extended period of time. This option is also recommended for those who want to play with their friends.
  2. Privacy - Decide whether you want others to join your posse freely or to be able to do that only after you send an invitation.
  3. Friendly Fire - You can turn the friendly fire off. This option will help you keep a good atmosphere in your posse.
  4. Camp - Choose the location and the size of your camp.
  5. Name - Decide how you want to name your posse.

How to invite other players to your posse?

The process of inviting players to your posse differs between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions (the PC version of RDO hasn't been announced yet). First, you need to invite a player through the console menu. After that, log into the game, open the Posse menu, and invite your friends who are currently playing Red Dead Online.

Number of players in a posse

A temporary posse can have up to 4 players. You don't need to pay any fees to create it. However, this posse will disband when its leader quits RDO. A good choice when, i.e. you are playing the game alone and you want to meet a group of players to complete a few missions or to explore the world together.

A persistent posse can have up to 7 people. However, you will have to spend a lot to create it. This posse won't get disbanded when its leader leaves the game. The game tracks stats and rewards of a persistent posse. This option also provides more customization options.

To invite other players, open the Posse tab, select your gang and choose which players you want to invite.

Options available to a posse leader

In Free roam, a leader of a persistent posse can start Posse Versus mode. Open the character menu - you can start short matches within your own posse or against another gang. You can compete with others by fighting, racing or hunting other players.

As a leader, you can also choose the location of your camp, change your posse's name, lodging style, and even create an outfit style for all the members.

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