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Red Dead Online Guide

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Online game modes in Red Dead Online Red Dead Online Guide and Tips

Red Dead Online has a few different game modes. First, you have to complete the prologue which will teach you about the basics. Once you create your character and complete the tutorial mission, you will be able to choose one of the following game modes:

The core mode of RDO - Online game modes in Red Dead Online - Basics - Red Dead Online Guide

Free roam mode

The core mode of RDO. You start on RDR2's map, alone. You can explore the world known from the game's single player campaign. The map has markers for various side activities: race series, Stranger missions, story missions or various modes for showdowns between players.

Another thing you can do is, for example, to track down other players, interact with them, hunt wild animals or focus on fishing.

Join a posse

A posse is a group of players who want to cooperate with each other. Details on creating a posse and their descriptions are on one of the pages of this guide. Usually, it is best to play with friends. However, even temporary gangs with strangers are a great way to complete missions and have adventures in RDO.

Showdown series

Compete with 16 players in a series of these intense modes - Online game modes in Red Dead Online - Basics - Red Dead Online Guide

Compete with 16 players in a series of these intense modes. The beta version of Red Dead Online offers you five modes where you can fight with other players. You can play them solo or with friends. Choose from:

  1. Shootout - A classic mode where you use firearms. You have an unlimited number of lives - eliminate as many enemies as you can within the time limit. If two or more people end the match with the same amount of points, the game will start an overtime - eliminate your enemy/enemies to win.
  2. Make It Count - A variation of a Battle Royale mode. Stay alive until the end - you can use only a bow, a few arrows or throwing knives. The arena will get smaller over time.
  3. Most Wanted - Shootout but with a few modifications. Kill enemies to get higher on the score table. However, enemies will get more points by killing you. If you are good at shooting then watch out - enemies will hunt you to get more points.
  4. Hostile Territory - Cooperate with other players to capture points on the arena. The more points you have, the more points you will generate. You can also win a match by capturing all the points before the time runs out.
  5. Name Your Weapon - Free for all or in teams. The harder the weapon to use, the more points you will get. A kill with a firearm is worth only 1 point. Killing an enemy with a tomahawk will give you 6 points!

Showdown Series Large

The competition becomes more intense - the fights happen between larger groups of players. This time, you play with 32 players - solo or in a team. The maps are bigger, but the game modes are the same as the ones described above.

Race series

A game set in the Wild West needs horse races. Jump in and ride as fast as you can. You can race on various tracks - many of them require a perfect control over your horse.

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