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ReCore Game Guide

Take your robo-dog on epic adventure!The guide for ReCore is a reliable and complete database on the game, enabling even the players who are new to the action game genre a quick and painless introduction to gameplay.

The guide for ReCore is a reliable and complete database on the game, enabling even the players who are new to the action game genre a quick and painless introduction to gameplay. Thanks to numerous tips, hints, and game screenshots, the walkthrough is an asset for the beginner players, as well as the experienced ones. Apart from the information about the basic mechanics of the game, the guide contains descriptions of enemies and locations. Additionally, we have also included chapters on system requirements and controls, as well as the achievement list.

ReCore is an action-adventure game with a third person view. Keiji Inafune is one of the main authors behind the project, known for titles like Mega Man, Onimusha, or Dead Rising. In ReCore, the player assumes the role of Joule Adams, one of the first volunteers to be relocated to the Far Eden colony. When she wakes up from her cryogenic sleep, she discovers that the reality is completely different from what was promised. Now, along with her companion, Mack, she has to face the hostile planet, and discover the fate of other inhabitants.

Recore guide contents:

  • An exhaustive walkthrough for the main plot
  • Set of tips for beginner, as well as experienced players
  • The locations and hints on how to find collectibles
  • Controls and system requirements
  • The achievement list and tips on how to receive them

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About ReCore Game Guide

Author : Daniel "djader" Jader for

Translator : Filip "Asfalto" Jaron

last update : October 03, 2016

Guide contains : 13 pages, 136 images.

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ReCore Video Game

  • genre: Adventure

  • developer: Comcept
  • publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • platform: XONE, PC

A science-fiction action game that depicts a vision of mankind’s future and its possible fall. In Recore you play as a girl named Jewel, who is one of the last representatives of the human race. She traverses the post-apocalyptic world ruled by a faction of robots who stand against the idea of repopulating the Earth with humans. Gameplay focuses on exploration and combat, in which the protagonist can count on support from her mechanical friend called Mack. The key feature of Recore is the ability to transfer the robot’s core into another body, through which he gains new skills, while retaining his identity. A noteworthy thing is the dynamic environment, which is constantly changing due to sandstorms raging across the planet.

Gameplay boils down to exploration of the massive world, comprising mostly of sandy deserts. The key aspect is survival in this unfriendly environment and fighting hostile robots. The heroine makes use of a wide selection of weapons and gadgets, however, the key to success is a good use of various abilities of the robots you encounter. Each robot in this world has an identity core, which can be transferred into the body of another machine in order to acquire the host’s unique skills, while the core retains its original identity.

More About ReCore

Recore coming to PC and XONE; the release pushed back to the second half of 2016

Microsoft’s sci-fi action-adventure title, and one of the best-looking games of E3 2015 is no longer an Xbox One exclusive. Recore is going to hit PC Windows 10 as well; however, this will happen later than we expected.

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