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Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart Guide by

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart Guide

Table of Contents

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart: All missions - List Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart guide, walkthrough

Last update: Wednesday, June 23, 2021

On this page of the Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart guide, you will find a list of all the main and side missions. You will find out what planets you can visit in the game, and what objectives you have to fulfill in the locations.

Additional note - There are a few moments in the game where you will be given the chance to visit another planet. You do not have to explore them in exactly the same order as our guide presents.

Prologue - Corson V

  1. Parade
  2. Pursue Dr. Nefarious

Nefarious City

  1. Market and Factory exploration - exploration of the Factory is an optional mission objective
  2. Club Nefarious
  3. Follow the Phantom
  4. Investigate the Nefarious Statue


  1. Swamps, Find a way to reach the Morts
  2. Investigate the Dimensional Anomaly, Rivet's Hideout
  3. Defeate Seekerpede and leave the planet
  4. Return to Sargasso - Trudi - this is an optional mission objective added later in the game

Scarstu Debris Field

  1. Find Zurkie in the Gastropub
  2. Defeat Francois in the arena
  3. Arena - Bronze Cup - additional fights in the arena are optional
  4. Arena - Silver Cup - additional fights in the arena are optional
  5. Arena - Gold Cup - additional fights in the arena are optional


  1. Stop the attack on the village
  2. Gain knowledge of Lombax Lore - finding shrines is an optional mission objective
  3. Find Dimensionator - 3 temples
  4. Access the Archives

Blizar Prime

  1. Disable the blockade and reach the miners
  2. Find Tulio's boss - meeting her is an optional mission objective
  3. Meet the engineer and search for bots
  4. Fix the anomaly and get to the drill
  5. Obtain a Phase Quartz and Escape

Torren IV

  1. Find Fixer and get the Hurlshot
  2. Reboot the Fixer
  3. Run away from Fixer


  1. Entering Kedaro Station
  2. Find the Rubion Forge
  3. Repair the Forge
  4. Freeing Juice and creating the Dimensionator

Scarstu Debris Field - return

  1. Meet Ratchet in Gastropub


  1. Rescue Pierre Le Fer
  2. Treasure hunt - reaching the chest is an optional mission objective
  3. Pirate Trials
  4. Protect Captain Quantum

Sargasso - return

  1. Protecting Morts and freeing Seekerpede
  2. Destroy Nefarious' ships

Savali - return

  1. Reach the Archives and start the machines
  2. Reaching the anomalies in the catacombs


  1. Find Ratchet and Kit
  2. Reactor shutdown
  3. Follow the cell

The final battle

  1. Begin the finale and defeat the final boss
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